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Cain: Rage of Angels (Book 2)

Author: Elias Raven

Release Date: October 25th

Cover Designer: Jessica Hildreth

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Suspense


Elias never saw it coming. The deception had been flawless. He had looked into the dark eyes of his half-brother Qaylin. The torrent of anger and rage rose from the dark abyss of his soul at what this bastard had done. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before or since… A million times a million Cains screamed across the Heavens. Their voices echoed in his head demanding the blood of the betrayer, Qaylin!

Elias knew it was time he stopped fighting from a position of weakness. He had to get up and take the fight to the enemy’s doorstep and he only had a small window of time to do so. He would have to strike while they thought he was beaten, then stand toe to toe against the forces of Hell itself. Somehow he had to even the odds and give him and his men a fighting chance to win. But his ancient enemies were powerful. It appeared as though the heavens had been eerily quiet as if the matters of men no longer mattered to the angelic host. It seemed Lucifer had full dominion over this mortal coil. If that was so, what chance did Elias and his men have against such an enemy?

“The Rage of Angels” is the explosive second book in the CAIN series.


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Excerpt cain-roa-teaser-3

Elias~ I didn’t get it, it was like my brain at that moment had stopped functioning. Like it was made of glass and had shattered into a million tiny fragments of images and emotion painted across the television screen as I watched the flames burn. My empire was on fire! G and Parker were dead! My mother was bitter and my brother had just sliced me open from head to toe with a katana of raw emotion playing me like Nero while Rome burned.

I screamed so loudly everyone in the house came running, beating on the doors to the den. The tears exploded out of me like a fountain! I dropped to my knees in front of my father, in front of the screen unable to comprehend the ass kicking I was taking from this man.

My dad waited looking down at his hands, unable to even comprehend but at the same time feeling everything. He was part of me after all. My cell phone chimed as my cain-roa-teaser-4mother and Khyentse calling over and over again I slammed my fists into the floor until my hands started to bleed, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t feeling it, I was pain, I was anger, I was the flame, my emotions, my feelings everything was a white-hot poker of anger.

I felt like a cyclone of rage as I stood up. I have never ever wanted to kill before, but at that moment me.. us… were all in unison. Qaylin was a dead man. I was going to personally kill him and I was going to look him right in the eye when I did it so he knew who did it, just like when he killed my father.. Like when he killed me.

I was going to do it cold blooded too. I wasn’t going to use a sniper, I was going to fight him hand to hand, I was going to beat him, break him until he was a bloody mess and still it wasn’t going to give me satisfaction.. But at the same time, it was going to feel oh so fucking good.


Cain: Rage of Angels, has us revisiting the world Elias Raven created where Cain is reborn to live out his sin until the end of time. Where his character Elias Cain just learned who he really is. And we learned what there is a plan in place to change the way the world has been turning to maintain order. Cain…

Cain: Rage of Angels picks up where Cain: Sins of the Father ends. Here we find that Elias is trying to come to terms with his father’s death, legacy and the disappearance of the woman he loves. In book 2 Mr. Raven kicks up the suspense, the paranormal aspect and the action.

The characters we’ve come to understand, like and dislike are back and we get to dig a little deeper into the plot again Cain. Yet don’t be surprised if there’s a few twist and turns along the way. You never know who might pop in to shake things up.

With every Cain raging in Elias’s head to find his bastard brother, Qaylin, who killed his father and had something to do with Genevieve’s disappearance. Now Elias will have to not only race the clock but also fight those who wish do destroy him and his family.

So join Elias Raven in his latest installment of Cain: Rage of Angels, and learn if his name sake will win the battle before all Hell breaks loose.

Sneak Peak Interview 

T:  Good Morning Elias thanks for joining me today. I hope the coffee is strong enough?

E: Good Morning Teresa. Thank you for having me. Strong Turkish coffee first thing in the morning is an absolutely lovely way to start the morning.

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.


T: Did you add more of yourself in Cain – Rage of Angels? Do your friends ask you questions on the parts they think come from your life in Cain?

E: I think both books have bits and pieces of my psyche scattered throughout the pages. The friends in the RL world have asked me questions about different aspects of the book and I have been happy to answer as I am able. 

T: Which POV was the most difficult to write? Which POV do you have the most fun with?

E: Each character in the story presents unique challenges. Some of the newer characters that came to life in this novel I had to kind of sit with and really get to know them as I told their story. I think Qaylin as his personality has shifted has been harder to write. Lucifer is another character I have had to sit on, especially since this is how I perceive him. Qaylin and Lucifer have been the yin yang for me. The deepest character has been Genevieve.

T: In Cain you go from LA to Mesa, how familiar are you with Mesa?

E: I have traveled there a few times. I really enjoy the area.

T: How much research did you have to do for both Cain story lines?

E: Hundreds of hours. Some of the ideas I actually studied the theories behind them and had to teach myself the basics to make sure I was able to correctly convey it to the reader.

***For more of the interview stop by later this week as Elias and I have a long chat!!!


10711189_217042408645375_1847165269_nAbout the Author

Elias Raven was born and raised in Los Angeles. He’s an avid reader with a lifelong passion for writing. He’s a storyteller, a poet and a talented musician with an amazing voice. Oh, and let’s not forget an amazing cook!

As a young boy he spent many summers reading classics such as “The Adventures of Sherlock Homes” and “The White Company” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His creativity was constantly being pushed as he learned more and more about the world around him. His taste in literature spanned from classics to science fiction/fantasy. He expanded his taste devouring everything from William Blake to Milton, Dante, Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, T.S. Elliot, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Khalil Gibran, William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Paul Verlaine, Walt Whitman, Alan Ginsburg, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Carl Sandburg, Dylan Thomas, and Jim Morrison. These inspirations and his sheer love for reading had him take pen to paper around the age of 20.

Did I mention he’s a Musician? …You can often find him playing his guitars (both electric and acoustic) and keyboards and singing (4 octave ranges) in his home studio. He’s a classically trained music aficionado -trained early on by Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Hayden, Liszt, as well as Big Band, Jazz and Rag Time. Spending time with his father at the Los Angeles Philharmonic; experiencing his first orchestra concert at the age of 9.

Elias the Gourmet Cook…Oh My!…His Japanese mother and grandmother trained him very well in fine culinary skills both in cooking and food appreciation from all over the world such as Italian, Indian, Moroccan, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hawaiian, Pilipino, Greek, and Polish.

When Elias is not reading, writing, composing music or cooking…he can be found listening to music, playing games, hanging out with his kids. He enjoys going to concerts, going on culinary adventures, sightseeing, spending the day at the beach or in the mountains…just doing something adventurous!

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