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14689054_553646888157290_1976535024_oSiren: Amity’s Song (Paranormal Dark Romance) 52,000 words

I, Amity Skye, was desperate and hopeless. I was willing to bet my entire future on a spoken legend. The tale of Siren’s Cove was ageless. It was dark. A sisterhood of seductive Sirens lured men to their deaths, first using them for pleasure. Recently betrayed by my fiancé, it was a risk I was happy to take. I hated the male race. That was, until Bryson Smyth entered my life.

He was the catch that would change my destiny.


Warning: This 52,000 word story contains dark themes, descriptive sex, flesh eating Sirens, and a happy ending.


Author Bio

AM Ryder is an American author who loves to tell a good story with plot, flow, and character.

AM strives to deliver an enjoyable reading experience with elements such as edge, sex, and plot twists.

Always within the romance genre, book themes vary from dark to dramatic to comedic, ranging in subject from paranormal, MC, rock stars and many other worlds for readers to enjoy.