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When the voices begin to speak, Jade Royal sits down in her lab to write the tale. The story unfolds with each keystroke as she listens to her instincts bring the words to life. For as long as she can remember, Jade has always expressed her creative nature artistically, especially by writing. She refers to herself as “Slave to the Pen” because it’s difficult for her to resist the call to write.

Jade resides in Cincinnati, Ohio where she was born and raised. She has five siblings and very family oriented. She spends Sunday evenings eating dinner with them keeping the bond between family nice and strong.

Mother of two fur-babies, Jade does not have any children but instead commits to spoiling all of her many nieces and nephews every chance that she gets. They thoroughly enjoy her cooking, baking, and other artistic outlets.

By day, Jade works in the financial industry training, managing people and their financial decisions. She has a degree in Business Administration along with certifications in Sales and Consumer Satisfaction.

Jade Royal is currently working on her first series. The first book will be released at the end of 2016 and the second will be released not long after. The series focuses on love, romance, and the eroticism of the two combined. BDSM is a common and underlined theme in most of her stories since it has been her lifestyle for the past 13 years. The level of communication, honesty, and commitment that is required to sustain a relationship of that caliber is hard to convey in words but Jade tries to honor it in her work.

For fun Jade; travels, hangs out with her friends, burns up the gravel on the highway, and conspires mischief. Music is a huge influence for Jade. She doesn’t compose but she is an avid listener and connoisseur. It also plays a huge role in her writing and everyday life. A few of her favorite genres include Metal, Rock, Latin, and Dubstep.
As an author, Jade hopes to pull in her readers to experience a community of stories that they can relate to on various levels. The emotional roller coaster that is bestowed will hopefully make her readers stalk her words and provide literate entertainment.
For more information on Jade Royal, follow her on her website and social media avenues.

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