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This book was actually highly anticipated.  I’ve previously read all of her “Flight & Glory” books and fell in love with this author’s writing style and all of her characters.  If you haven’t read those books, you really, really should!  Anyway… back to this book review….

This book is a contemporary new adult/young adult romance so if you’re looking for romantic suspense or something with older characters, it’s not going to be for you.

Wilder was a step into characters very different from her previous books.  She moved from the military world into that of extreme sports and totally rocked it!  Paxton Wilder is a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  He’s a bit crazy (in my humble opinion) and a bit jaded when it comes to relationships and love because he’s been hurt and betrayed in the past.  Leah is a bit fragile in the beginning but still a tough cookie.  She’s endured a terrible trauma and tragedy, yet had the courage to step way out of her comfort zone and start living again. The story development moved at a great pace.  She revealed just enough each chapter that I wanted to read just a little bit more to unravel more of who the characters were and what happened in their pasts to get them to where they were then.  And then I wanted to read just a little bit more…. Until it was some crazy hour for me to be awake and I was finishing the book!  Her writing style is definitely well above what you’d expect from a newer author.  There’s drama, a bit of comedy and of course, romance.  And now I can’t wait until the next two books come out!  This is definitely a 5 star read!