Have a glass of wine as I chat with Alison

ATT_1457305786153_image_5348T:  Good Evening Alison thanks for joining me this evening. I hope the wine is strong enough?

Hello! Thanks so much for having me, Teresa. The wine is perfect. I’m not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy a glass of red on occasion.

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.

Uh-oh…maybe I do need something a little stronger than wine. LOL Kidding! I’m happy to answer anything you’d like to ask. Fire away!

T: How did your sister dare you to write?

Well, back in 2010, I’d just finished reading a book series with an ending that left me completely unsatisfied. So much so, that I grumbled about this book for a week straight, even going as far to say that I thought I could write a better one. Little did I know I was putting my foot in my mouth. lol My sister, who was tired of listening to me go on and on, dared me to prove it so I sat down and began writing…and never stopped.

T: Where did you do the camping and hunting in Texas?

When I was younger, my uncle owned a bird farm in the Texas backwoods, around the Liberty County area. His place sat in the middle of a huge thicket, or what most country folks would refer to as “the sticks,” which actually inspired the setting of my Tangled in Texas series.

T: Where did you meet your Iowa farm-boy?

I actually met him in a roadside bar. I was in a deep conversation with a guy who was finally admitting he had feelings for me (I knew it! lol) when one of his buddies rudely interrupted us and wouldn’t leave us alone. He annoyed the hell out of me, but I kept seeing him around town and finally asked him why he acted like such a jerk that night. He said it was because he wasn’t about to let his friend walk away with the girl he planned to marry. And as crazy as it sounds, he was right. The “jerk” and I have been happily married for 14 years and have two wonderful children together.

T: What do you consider “girl books”?

Actually, the “girl books” comment in my bio is a direct quote from my oldest son, who was only around seven years old at the time when he said it. I imagine that most boys at that age think kissing is gross and that mushy stuff is for girls, but now that he’s older, his opinions have dramatically changed. Darn teenage hormones. 🙂

Seriously though, I am proud to say I have male readers that are huge fans of my work. My husband and my father are two of my first readers and biggest male supporters, but they aren’t my only ones. Just to name a few, I have a retired veteran on my street team who adores my work, and I have a street team member with a military son who reads all of my books. Male or female, my stories are for anyone (eighteen or older, of course) who loves romance with a sense of humor.

T: Have you written about your sisters? Or based characters from them?

Most people who know the five of us girls might think I based Emily from Rules of Protection on the lot of us since she’s a bit crazy. But I didn’t, I swear. I haven’t written about my sisters or based characters on them…yet. Though I do have a great idea for a series based on them. Now if only I could find the time to write it…

T: What video games do you play? Do you beat the kids and husband?

I’ll play just about anything, but some of my favorites are Zelda, Grand Theft Auto, Thief, and Red Dead Redemption. I don’t play RDR with my kids anymore, though. Not since my youngest son’s character drove mine off a cliff in a stagecoach and then my older son’s character stole my horse and blew my character up with dynamite. I think that pretty much covers the second part of your question, too.

T: When and where did you canoe with your husband?

Several years ago, my husband and I spent our anniversary at a resort in Texas, where we rented a gorgeous log cabin in the woods. We went horseback riding under the shade trees, had a gourmet picnic of cheese and wine, ate candlelight dinners, and made out like teenagers in the grotto-style hot tub. It was all very romantic…until we got out on the lake in a canoe. Every time my husband moved, even just a little, the boat rocked back and forth or tilted to one side. I was freaking the hell out. He tried to calm me down, but I was so scared of capsizing that, instead of enjoying the magnificent views, we ended up arguing the entire time. It’s not that I didn’t want to get wet. I had no issue with that. I did, however, have a huge problem with the alligators (some ten feet long) surrounding our canoe.

T: What do your sisters think of your books?

They love them! But since they’re related to me, they’re probably a bit biased. 😉

T: Who do you read religiously?

There are so many amazing authors to choose from, but Linda Howard is my absolute favorite. I own all of her books and reread every single one of them at least once a year.

T: What comes next?

Right now I’m working on several projects at once. I’ve been writing the third book in my Tangled in Texas series, as well a fun new series featuring plus-sized heroines. The first book titled Size Matters releases in November and is already up for pre-order.

T: Well Alison that’s all I have for you today? Until next time thanks again for joining me, now get back to work and write your next book.

Will do! Thanks so much for having me!

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