Lucas and I get to shoot the shit! 10501685_324848031010670_5625362201420062818_n

T:  Good Evening Lucas thanks for joining me this evening. I hope the drink is strong enough?

Right now I’m having a Coke and a smile. 🙂 ←– see?

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.

Let’s light this candle.

T: How has being a lifelong dominate influenced your life and writing?

In most ways. It’s what I know, so elemental in my being that it’s inextricable.  I don’t date outside my species of genus Perverticus americanus

T: Have you always lived in Texas?

Yeah.  I’m a registered Texophile.  This place is more a state of mind than one of geography or cartography.  I love it here.

T: How do you incorporate your many long years’ experience of being a paramedic in your writing?

Seldom.  I use the knowledge, but I don’t think Dear Reader is going to groove on those gross and icky war stories of a bygone era.  But one tale I’m doing for an anthology is told through the eyes of a paramedic in a farm town.  

T: What is in your dungeon?

All kinds of weapons of ass destruction, including an array of items I made myself.  There’s something special, maybe spiritual, about using a flogger I made, a deeper connection, maybe.

T: Sadist and humorist how do those work together?

If this isn’t fun, why do it?  A former playmate once remarked I was the most dangerous dom she ever met, not because I subjected her to undue risk or harm, but because I could keep her giggling too hard to give attention to how hard I was whacking her ass.  She was a smartass and told me I couldn’t paddle her because she was allergic to wood.  So I paddled her and she didn’t die, so I pronounced her cured and told her she’d be billed $400.00.  She giggled through a long whacking that followed. She was surprised later when she sat and yelped.

T: What elicit sensations and reactions do you like drawing out of your victims?

I like seeing a woman melted down, twitching and drooling, lost in subspace and orgasms, and that knowledge I made this so.

T: How do you find your victims? What part of your humor comes out when your with them?

Victims … Jesus, that makes me sound like Ted Bundy. LOL  In a word, the answer is chemistry.  Do we connect?  But I’ve long had a standard for whether things will go forward:

1. Has she intelligence? Can we talk for an hour and she never once dragged the Kardashian clan into the discussion?

2.  Has she the handmaiden of intelligence, a strong sense of humor?  Does she enjoy banter and jokes, and can give as good as she gets?

3:  Do I simply like her?  Would I be pleased to go to a ball game or the movies with her?  Is she a desirable companion for the simply prosaic?

If the answer to any of those three is “no,”things won’t move forward, even if she’s the Penthouse Pet of the Month in the current issue.

T: How much of you is in your writing?

Bits and pieces of me are all over the place in there, but … I blogged recently about this.  Tom Clancy wrote great cloak-and-dagger novels, but was never a field spy for the CIA.  Agatha Christie likewise wasn’t actually a murderer (I hope), and as far as I know, Stephen King doesn’t don a clown costume and wander the storm cellars of Derry looking for children to slaughter.  So bits of me are there, but much of it is flights of fancy and fantasy.

T: Have you ever written with anyone? Would you?

No. Yes.

T: You’ve been doing some Live Writes, lately what do you think about them? Would you do more?

I like doing them, and hope to do more in the future.  The thing is this: People like seeing an artisan plying his trade.  I totally love going to the Texas Renaissance Festival and watching the blacksmith and glassblower doing their thing, for instance.  And it’s a good chance to “strut my stuff” out there for the readership.

T: When you wind down for the night what is your ritual?

There’s not particularly a “ritual” but I often take some time in the hot tub in the evenings and an adult beverage or two.

T: If you could have any writer from the past join you in the dungeon who would it be? Why?

A dead writer?  Uhhhh … that’s not my kink, darlin’.

T: What reaction does your friends and family have to your writing?

Living in the Bible Belt, I think few would understand.  And I don’t want to open those doors to others.  Think on it … do you really want to know the proclivities of your sisters, uncles, coworkers?  I don’t, and I’m sure they’re happier for not knowing mine.  “Consent” comes into play here.  My friends and kin didn’t consent to me telling them about my lifestyle and sexuality, and I sure the hell don’t consent to them telling me of theirs.  Some things are simply better left unsaid.

T: A fair many erotic authors seem to use either a pen name or not show their readers what they look like. Why did you go this route?

Did you see my mention of the Bible Belt?  I wouldn’t want someone firebombing my house because Jesus.  I love where I live, but I’m well aware of the ostracism and harassment … and hysteria … that would result in me outing myself here.  Besides, I think people like that “air of mystery” about me.  They ask for a photo and the closest I’ve found to how I look is Grog from the B.C. comic strip, short, rotund, and wearing a thick pelt.

T: What comes next?

Hopefully me.  And often.  🙂  Oh, you probably meant writing, huh?  The fifth volume of Josiah, the finale, goes live in September.  I’m likely to produce an anthology of short stories afterward. I have several works-in-progress cooking for publication in 2017.  One is a tale of a widower and divorcee whose 7-year-old sons are BFFs, and their developing relationship.  One is about a sheriff’s lieutenant who goes Full Sadie Hawkins on a dom for whom she’s grown a crush.  Another is about a man who comes home from an epic long business trip to his wife telling him “we need to talk,” but she wants to surrender not to divorce.  I’m also working on a full novel surrounding my short story Legacy.  There seems to be one helluva lot of ink in my pen.

T: Well Lucas that’s all I have for you today? Until next time thanks again for joining me, now get back to work and write your next book.

This was a blast. Thanks, and I hope to see you often.

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