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Dear Diary,

It’s been 24 hours since Jacob left, and I feel like I’m lost. When we first met, I hated him for moving into my best friend’s house after she moved away. I felt like she was a traitor and he was my sworn enemy until the day he saved me from drowning when I was 10 years old. I never knew he’d changed my life forever that day. Yesterday, while watching him board the bus leaving for basic training, my heart sank. After I got home, I ran to my room crying, and last night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept hoping it was all a terrible mistake and he’d come rushing through my door like he did when we were kids. Back then, he was just Jay, my best friend, the one I was with all the time and who always made me laugh. My parents never worried about him ruining my reputation, because to them, we were two kids who were inseparable. I miss my… just Jay… my boyfriend. He’s always made my heart swell and my knees weaken when he kisses me. I’ll try really hard while he’s gone to sound strong when I write him a letter. If he’s worrying about me, he won’t be paying attention on how to be a great soldier and stay safe so he can return home to me. I’ll always love you Jay.

Due out November 11th, 2016