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T:  Good Morning/Evening Dawn thanks for joining me this morning/evening (choose). I hope the drink /coffee (choose if drink what would it be) is strong enough?

Good evening to you, Teresa. Considering I don’t drink alcohol very often, the amaretto sour is perfect. Thank you, darling.

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.

*laughs*  That’s all right. Don’t go easy on My account.

T: Can you tell my readers what a ProDomme is?

Yes. A lot of people have a misconception that Domination is all about rough sex. It is not. There are various degrees and ways to have a D/s dynamic. I provide mental and sometimes physical aspects of a D/s dynamic for those that feel they need that mental release.

T: Have you always been a switch? Can you tell us a little about being a switch?

Yes, I have always been a switch even though I may not have known the term at the time. For most true “lifestylers” you will find that Dominant, submissive, switch are not just roles they fill but who they are. As for being a switch, I am both Dominant and submissive. They are both sides of a coin that make me. I cannot be happy being just one and not the other. I require both to feel fulfilled.

T: How did you get into the Lifestyle?

I actually started as a slave and was engaged to My Master. I had always had certain…. tastes. I had a friend who was a submissive and I began studying. I rarely jump into things without understanding what I’m getting into. I fell in love with the Lifestyle, the philosophies and intellectual mechanics of it.

T: When did you start writing about the lifestyle?

I started actually fairly recently. In January of this past year.

T: Do you think your writing will answer and give insight to those seeking information?

That is My hope. I try to keep that in mind while writing poetry, or any of the books I’m working on now.

T: Do you think women have issues with their sensuality?

Yes, I do. Not all but a good portion. I think they have a misconception of what sensuality is. I want women to realize they don’t have to lower their standards or sense of class to be seductive. An intelligent woman who knows how to carry herself is extremely more sensual than the one you just want to put a ball gag in to keep her from talking. Women need to realize to set the standards themselves of what is sensually seductive instead of allowing society to do it for them.

T: Which of your poems do you think promotes women to know their worth the chase?

“Skyfall” definitely. I was very surprised when Elias Raven approached Me wanting to read it. I informed him I had several other poems that may be more masculine for him to read but He insisted on reading that one. It really touched Me that He liked it that much and understood the meaning behind it. That is actually on My soundcloud.

T: Do you run your poems past anyone when you’re getting ready to publish?

Oh yes!! My wonderful PA/best friend: Barbara Danks. I would be absolutely lost without her and she would not allow Me to put anything out there she felt was bad. Thank goodness!!

T: Who influences your writing?

There are a lot of things. Anything from experiences, to emotions, to friends and their situations, to pictures.  

T: If you could meet any writer past or present would you meet a poet or novelist? Who would it be and why?  

Kahlil Gibran. Reading his works is like reading water.

T: If you could take any author into a scene or help you in a scene who would you want to join in?

I have several. I have written with Elias Raven, Michael Gagain, and Zorha Edwards. Loved working with them. The flow was very easy and it felt like a real exchange of words to make a great story. I also would love to write with My friend HL 37. He has a definite style that I enjoy.

T: You do a lot of Live Writes, what do you like about them?

I love the spontaneity of it. Especially when the flow is amazing. Two minds having to work with each other to create something on the fly the readers will enjoy. When writers actually make it about the story and work together in the live writes, it is an amazing thing to be a part of.

T: If you could write with another author past or present who would you write with?

Edgar Allen Poe…. to be able to get in that mind and work with it..

T: What comes next?

well.. I have two trilogies I am working on currently. One is novel size and the first is “Ryder’s Pride”. The other trilogy is “The Exploits of Mistress Belle” which will be novellas. The stand alone novel is “Little Darling”. That is going to be My very dark, erotic suspense/thriller. And just recently I have gotten another idea for another stand alone novel… I can just hear Barbara now yelling for Me to complete “Ryder’s Pride” first. * laughing

T: Well Dawn that’s all I have for you today? Until next time thanks again for joining me, now get back to work and write your next book.

Thank you for having Me and I will tell Barbara you gave Me her message.  *winks

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