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T:  Good Morning Zorha thanks for joining me this morning. I hope the coffee is strong enough?

Double Shot Coffee please!

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.

T: You started writing at a young age. Do you remember what those stories were about?

Yes I do, I come from a big Family, my aunt dies when I was young, so my mother Raised my aunts 7 and her 7.There was 14 of us and then all our friends..(Well my sisters and brothers). Like Kids do I wanted to go far away. See I am the “odd Ball” or the “Black Sheep” so, I would write about a place for just me, with friends and I also wrote storied about the Beautiful Princess getting eaten by the Dragon, and the ugly sister winning the heart of the kingdom! (Gee my sisters were nasty to me!). But as I learned to get even in real life, they changed to me wanting to travel and create a new race of people…. Well maybe

they didn’t change that much.

T: Who influences your writing?

OH so many people and things…My passion for reading influenced me the most.. yeah the list is to long to name writers, however I will say this. When writing, it’s my world, and this is what I learned from the books I read. Because of who I am, society’s mainstream idea’s held me back and I could only be part of who I am, writing changed that! So the Large amount of author’s I have read, and stories as a whole, is where my influences come from…However I will give you a short list, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, Ann McCaffrey ,  Isaac Asimov, Jewels Vern, Mary Shellie, Lord Byron, Faust…and believe it or not! There are some new Authors, Savannah Morgan, Ethan Radcliff and Michael Gagain.. a few new Muses

T: What do you drink while writing?

Whatever is around.. Not a person to think about that stuff…

T: What draws you to dark poetry?

The Beauty of it! I have a strange view on darkness and the dark. We can hide in the light where people get blinded. In the dark you know you can’t see, so you have to listen and observe. The darkness sharpens our senses, and we can then see the truth in what others hide.. no shadows to blame anything on. And the dark brings quiet, peace and stillness. This is where we can see what we need to. Stop and feel the coolness of contemplation and get a good look at ourselves. That is not easy for most, but I have found to be both healing and guiding in my Journey’s.

T: Have you always written about things that go bump in the night?

Eh kind of, but m bumps are not from legend, my creatures are parallel what I s the problems of Society, other people and those Creatures that live in my head. I am a survivor of Depression, and abuse, I have had to come out of the hellish realm that my mind was in… thus some of the Demons in my head. The chants I write, the power and the such I write about are the words or kind of words that I spoke every minute of everyday to find my way back! Even today it is a constant battle, and I still fight, so the monsters go bump, are real

T: When did you first come up with Dark Wytch Wryting’s?

After I had a problem in another group I formed, and got reported for what I write. Again, without asking me or inquiring, their were Wytch hunter’s out to shut me down. I am proud of who I am, I want other to write and be free to write as they want to, as long as they do not insult others in a hurtful way. I also post Writing Challenges for everyone to take part in! You would be surprised at the poets I have found, they themselves didn’t even know existed.

T: What do you like about doing live writes?

The challenge of thinking on my Feet, or my chair! I love to get into other people’s thoughts and contemplate the moves they are going to make. The way I have to stretch my talent to complement another author, and the challenge of the pictures to create and entertain the readers…it’s addicting

T: What was your favorite things to study in school?

History, Lit, Science, art, phycology, Ancient Languages, Religions…a lot of crazy stuff were there was only 2 or three in the class!  

T: How often do you write to pictures?

When the mood strikes.. It’s hard to say, some days it’s a mood, others words and then while I am looking for images, BAM! I can’t stop!

T: If you could go back in time and write with any author who would you write with?

Nostradamus…yeah yeah a bit strange but hey!! I want to add to the predictions, and write about the world that he saw and didn’t write about. He was dark, but he saw way more and had to hide it or be burned….

T: How many and who have you written with before?

I was in T Lee “warrior woman” along with other Talented authors, I Had the honor to be in the opening of  “Shifters” by Ethan Radcliff Jr. and Will be in Sharon Johnson “Eclectic Poets”

T: Can you tell us about Madness Life Inc.?

MY life’s work, I also do computer support and repair, teach software and assisting in artistic Endeavors. I make swag and do needle art (Counted Cross stitch and Tatting, I also Design Victorian Clothing…all my Madness in stop!

T: What other businesses are you apart of?

I am a partner in Author Designs Founded by Savannah Morgan, along with Julie Beckford. We do Video’s, graphic Designs for web and Social media, as well as Book cover.

T: What do your kids think about your writing?

They think I need to get laid! Yup the Dark Erotic demon sex…. Quote “Really mom?”

T: How many pets do you have?

Three irritating Dogs.. yes I love them, but my Ankle bitters get on my nerves!

T: Have you ever done a signing before? Will you do a signing in the future?

Yeah I was in the Quire in High School and college, I sing for me…But I love reading my poetry for everyone, so that is as close as I get

T: What comes next?

I have 5 books to release… Dark Begging’s my poetry series, The Wytch and the warlock, a short story and my Coven Series “into the Light” and a anthology of my Facebook family that is also in the final touches! Maybe secret as well we will see!

T: Well Zorha that’s all I have for you today? Until next time thanks again for joining me, now get back to work and write your next book.

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