13055698_269639373379266_6152972919091501061_oT:  Good Morning Kane thanks for joining me this morning. I hope the coffee is strong enough?

Good morning, Teresa, and yes, my coffee is just perfect with no sugar or cream and extra strong.

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.

T: When will Dark Edges release?

Well, Dark Edges released on May 27th and it’s been a surreal whirlwind ever since.

T: How much of you is Chase Black?

Lol! This is a question that I try to skirt around. Let’s just say we have a lot in common. 😉

T: What intrigues you about contemporary erotica? What’s not intriguing about it?

Lol! If we aren’t writing it, reading it, practicing it or even watching it, we are most likely fantasizing about it. We’re all sexual creatures that deep down, have that dirty side. 😉

T: Is Dark Edges part of the writing you did as a hobby? If not will we see any of the older stuff?

Yes, it is. It’s actually the first story I started writing.

T: What do your boys think about your writing?

They think it’s pretty cool and support me fully, even though they don’t know exactly the genre that I do write in. Maybe, one day I’ll let them in on the secret. Lol!  

T: What were the first stories about?

Dark Edges was the first story. I felt it was a good story but it was in a rough state and I needed to massage out all the kinks before the thought of even publishing came to mind.

T: Country boy? How so?

Well, I grew up in the south and was always surrounded by, trucks, mud holes and campfires. If I wasn’t mudding or camping, you could find me in the woods, hunting or by a lake, fishing. I am not your horse riding country boy as most presume I am. Lol!

T: Favorite phrase?

“Take it day by day.”

T: How faded and worn are those jeans and t-shirts? Stetson or ball hat?

Pretty fucking faded. 😉  Definitely ball hat.

T: What kind of truck?

Funny you ask. I just recently got a new truck and my girl is a 2016 Dodge Ram 4×4.

T: What age does your mind feel? Why?

It still believes we are in our twenties. Lol! It’s very rare that I slow down and I am always up for a good time, until my body reminds me we are 45.

T: What would a “typical” day of having down time look like?

These days, spending time with my boys. Between working and writing, I try to fill in every free moment I have with them. And those days can consist of playing video games, watching movies, fishing or swimming. There’s even times we just sit, bullshit and laugh, making memories.

T: What genres fill your shelves? Is there one book you read repeatedly?

I mostly stick with erotic romance and some mysteries. No, there hasn’t been a book I read repeatedly, unless you count Dark Edges and going over that 100 times. Lol!

T: What comes next?

With writing, that would be book two of The Edge Series, which will be Lane’s story then, Russell’s. But I do have a few ideas that keep prodding at me to be written, which would be standalones.

T: Well Kane that’s all I have for you today? Until next time thanks again for joining me, now get back to work and write your next book.

Thank you so much for having me and maybe next time we can meet up at a bar and throw back a few Jacks.  😉

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