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10553577_1105865626131466_6029131462731266547_nMy friend, Poet & Author Lea Winkelman stopped in for a chat

T: Good Morning Lea thanks for joining me this morning. I hope your orange juice is strong enough?

L: Good Morning Teresa Thank you so much happy to be with you this morning. My Orange juice is perfect.

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.

T: How many poems have you written about your boys?

L: I have written a few about them but I keep them private

T: How often do you write?

L: there is no time frame really I write when the words come to me so it can be everyday or a few days. I don’t like to write on a schedule.

T: What did you write as a teenager? Have you gone back and updated that material?

L: I wrote poetry about dreams of a teenager and life of military family and child of the 80’S
Unfortunately I don’t have many of those earlier works.

T: When you do find the time to write with two boys?

L: it’s hard but I usually use the time after bedtime to do my writing

T: Did something happen to make you publish Words from a Vulnerable Heart?

L: Bitten Press approached me to do a poetry book as they noticed my postings I did of my poetry on my Facebook page and other well know poets encouraged me to publish.

T: How much of your poetry comes from your life?

L: I would have to say about 90% of it comes from my life the other 10% comes from pictures I see or other inspirations

T: Why did you decide to share your work?

L: Actually I was encouraged to show my work by other poets and fellow street team members to show me that I had talent and could do this

T: Who influences you as a writer?

L: that is a hard to say because life influences me and I try to create my own work, but I do admire several contemporary and past poets and authors.

T: Have you ever considered writing with another author?

L: Actually yes I have and I am currently working on a 2 book series with Author Riley Bryant

T: What street teams do you help out on?

L: My own, Ethan Radcliff’s and Don Abdul’s but I try to share on my page as many authors I can. I’m a big believer in helping other authors out as we are in this community.

T: Is there one author that you always read when their book comes out?

L: I have too many to mention, I’m such a book whore that I need to read everything.

T: What comes next?

L: Well I am currently working on another poetry book and co-writing a 2 book series with Riley Bryant and another story.

T: Well Lea that’s all I have for you today? Until next time thanks again for joining me, now get back to work and write your next book.

L: Teresa this was fun, Thank you so much for spending this time with me. Yes I must get back to writing or my PA will crack her whip.