My love of reading started pretty young with stories about peoples lives and trauma. I always wanted to know how someone ended up the way they did. Like the Child called it I was intrigued by that book and how it got that bad. As I got older I started to get interested in murder and crimes and books about how they got that way. I loved the Lovely bones and the books that followed. I also read Michelle Knights book about how she was trapped in that house in Cleveland. I started to deploy a lot when I was active duty Air Force I really go into Erotica and it was probably because I was stuck somewhere where I couldn’t get any lol. I read most of Zane’s and Allison Hobbs books and got into Sylvia Day once in a while. I also got intrigued by different cultures and countries like Iraq and Iran and why they do the things they do. I was there so I was curious. I love books that catch my attention and if it’s a good one I will finish it in a few days. I’m looking forward to get back to reading and reviewing.