That’s Right Ladies & Gents AJ Stopped By

T: Evening AJ thanks for joining me this evening. I hope the margarita is strong enough?

The margarita is very good!

T: I promise for this set of questions I’m going to keep things fun and light (well light for me) so let’s get started.

Okay!  Fire away!

T: What draws you to BDSM?

Before I turned 50, I was straightlaced and a prude. At 50, my mind and body went through several changes. I discovered I didn’t enjoy being in charge in the bedroom and that I was submissive. Why it waited to show itself that late in life was a mystery, but it left me in shock and unfulfilled. I was and am still very much in love with my hubby. He’s not a dominant, but was willing to give me a “partial Dom” by using toys and scenes. I read everything I could get my hands on about the subject and talked with other subs, etc. So, the books I read and write, help fulfill my dreams and wants. Wow, I can’t believe I shared all of that!!

T: What erotic paranormal romance authors do you read?

JR Ward, Mimi Jean Pamiloff, Faith Gibson, Tina Folsom, Carrie Ann Ryan, Jeaniene Frost, to name a few…

T: Which vampire and werewolf novels do you pick up on release day?

Pretty much most of them, especially if I already read the author. Otherwise, if the cover catches my eye or the blurb sounds really interesting, I will grab it.

T: When did you learn to play the twelve string?

I was a senior in highschool when I learned. I played a six string since I was a freshman in highschool.

T: Do you still remember all the love songs you wrote for your husband?

Unfortunately, I don’t. I didn’t write them down and when the children were born, I didn’t have time to play. If you don’t use it, you lose it!

T: How many animals do you have?

I have one, a 92 lb. 1 year old chocolate labrador retriever.

T: Have you ever looked into visiting a wolf sanctuary?

Yes, I have.  I know there is one in Missouri and Colorado.  I’m hoping that we can go one day soon.

T: What else is on your bucket list?

Writing a best selling book, having sex on a beach, travel to the east coast, visit New Orleans again, and go to Hawaii.

T: Does your husband read your writings? Do your children?

Yes, my husband does. In fact, I read the first draft of my books to him for him to critique.  He does a good job.

The children do not read my books. The books are erotic and have language they’re not used to hearing me use.  They are still prudes…lol!

T: How much of what you write about have you personally experienced?

In Fortune’s Eyes, I visited New Orleans. I had a tarot reading, and fell in love with the city.

The Dark Strangers Trilogy, none of it, darn it!!  I love vampires and shifters, so if they were real, I’d be in the middle of them.

Emily’s Passion, all of the first half of the book was based on me. I had breast cancer at 55, had a double mastectomy, and  am 64 yr. old. I had the desire and need to learn BDSM.

T: You write a wide range of erotic/romance do you prefer one over another? Is one easier to write?

I really like them all.

The paranormal is easier to write because I don’t have to research. I can do what ever I want in the book and no one’s the wiser. The hard part is coming up with a new twist or a new creature to draw the reader in.

T: What comes next?

I’m working on the sequel to Emily’s Passion. When the over 50 reader finally found that book, it took off. I had so many of the women who read it, ask me for a sequel. It was amazing and quite humbling. Most of the erotic authors write about size 5, beautiful, well-endowed women and perfect, tall, handsome studs. I’ve written those too, but Emily is a touch of reality that let’s women know they can still be sexual in the Golden years. Being in that age group myself, I know how they feel….I know how they can love.

T: Well AJ that’s all I have for you today? Until next time thanks again for joining me, now get back to work and write your next book.

Yes, ma’am.  Thank you so much for your time.

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