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Meet Author & Poet Dawn Madena Rueff

13275227_1210778298962207_1950779714_oHello, My darlings!

I shall introduce Myself. I am Dawn Madena. I am a ProDomme, and a switch. I have been in the lifestyle for 12 years and have learned a lot of lessons along the way.

I am now pursuing writing and wish to bring My experiences to a community who is seeking answers and insight. This is what I hope to accomplish with My writing. To educate and promote understanding, as well as safety. Also, I want to help women realize their sensuality.

I feel women crave to know they are worth the chase. To feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. This is what I hope to promote in women. Beauty, strength and intellectual sensuality.

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This is an excerpt from Book One of an upcoming novella series.

“The Exploits of Mistress Belle”

Belle, incredulously stared at the email awaiting her from her webpage.  Well, she had to give it to the girl.  The UK “darling” had spunk.   And boy… did Belle admire spunk!  Laughter emanated from her rosebud lips as a deceptively soft, manicured hand covered her arched blonde brow.

“That amusing, Mistress?”  Nick inquired while rubbing Mistress Belle’s shoulders.  His reward were the moans, he pulled out of her.  Belle became limp in her chair as Nick’s muscled hands and arms worked her over. He made sure to keep his body nice and tone to please his Owner.

“Oh, you are such a good pet” Mistress Belle murmured.  “I tell you what darling, have a look and tell Me what you think.”

What Nick saw was a beauty.  The “UK Brat” was the girl’s profile name.   She had creamy molatto skin.  Chocolate ringlets glazed with blonde ended just above soft shoulders. But it was the brown eyes that kept nick’s gaze.  They appeared almost black and they were filled with challenge.  They were an amazing contrast to the soft pink petal lips that were plump for all kinds of desires.  Nick did not hesitate telling his Mistress all these thoughts; after all, his Mistress was above such a silly emotion as jealously.

Laughter again erupted from Mistress Belle.  “Astute observation, darling one.  It’s the eyes where you really nailed it, pet.”  Belle praised quite pleased.

“For being such a smart boy, I am going to allow you to read what I find so ……… amusing.”   Belle moved so Her pet could share in the feisty morsel that just landed in Her lap.

Nick read the one-line email and immediately turned wide eyes to his Mistress.  “pet, your mouth is gaping open.”  Mistress Belle informed him as Her fingers pressed under his chin and put his mouth back in place.

“Do you want to know what I have done to Dommes?”  Nick could feel the ire in the words.  “that’s going to the cyberspace ether,” Nick nodded with the sure knowledge of his Mistress.

“Oh no, darling pet,” Mistress Belle purred.  That tone always sent shivers up his spine.  He knew devious ideas were floating in Mistress Belle’s pretty blonde curl covered head.

“Then what are You planning, Mistress?”  Nick just HAD to know!

“Why pet… I am going to do what any Lady would do.  I am going to answer the poor girl.”  The voice was as sweet as molasses, however the smile that spread across those rosebud lips was that of a pure Tigress spotting the grandest gazelle to hunt.  The only thought Nick had was:   What a lucky girl!