Meet Blake Thorne

12541055_638856519588000_6793748957126124225_nBlake Thorne is from a small Italian family. He went to school in California where he completed a duel degree in Business and Fine Art. Blake’s a hopeless romantic that loves to read combine his love of romance and fiction together. He doesn’t like to stick to one genre because he loves to tell stories. Blake wrote his first story in the 4th grade where he saved his secret crush. He read it to the whole class only to find out she was moving at the end of the school year. After going to school for business, Blake opened a string of pizza places before a workplace injury forced him to give it up. At that time he wrote for fun, publishing his work on free sites all over the Internet using a pen name. It didn’t take long for those stories to catch on and for people to want more of them. So he began his career as a romance/erotic author taking what was once a one-page scene, into completed works.

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12674440_172077913164581_249841891_nLESSONS IN LOVE

Matt, Mike, and Tanisha have been friends since childhood. The three friends even went to the same college together. However, Matt has a side that yearns to be set free. After years of sexual tension, Matt’s forced to bring them together or watch their friendship fall apart.

With some rope and a whole lot of imagination, Matt was going to take command of their ship and right it once again. Matt was never one for subtleties so he did the only thing he knew. He tackled the problem like a Dom should.

He introduces his two best friends to a secret world in which he’s hidden from them. The young master takes control of his friends and leads them down a path of pleasure through pain. The three young college kids experience pleasure like never before

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13061923_225587851146920_5864061341783248181_nFinger Puppets

Ricky, a young college running back, who was bored on a hot summer afternoon so he found a couple of friends willing to go try something new. Ricky, Amy, and Crystal took a walk on the wild side by breaking into a home that was for sale to use the pool.

Ricky was hoping to make out with Amy at most, but what he got a surprise like none other. By the time the afternoon was over, Ricky would be left with a permanent smile for weeks after words.

Ricky was ready for Amy, but he was pleasantly surprised that Crystal had changed from being an uptight bitch, to a smokin’ hot sex vixen.