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13035545_610461779105568_250845772_oCome see what the fuss is about
This is from a previous event…
Live Write March 5th 2016

Sharon: I can’t believe you remembered this spot. Remember how you came up to me when I was sunbathing and told me I was the prettiest girl on the beach?

Elias: I do remember it vividly; I asked fransico if he would let us have it again to celebrate our anniversary. It seemed only fitting since it was the first time I had seen you in all of your radiant beauty.

Sharon: I can’t believe it’s been five years since our first kiss. The way you looked into my eyes as if no one else in the world but I existed

Elias: I remember at the time being utterly captivated. Your smile was the start of it. Then I looked into your eyes, it was midday and the sunlight reflected against your face. The soft lines and contours as I took you all in. To say that I was smitten at the moment would be an understatement my dear.

Sharon: I remember thinking why you were interested in me. I was still so young and awkward, but you were so sweet and your gesture touched my heart and it’s never stopped,

Elias: I had Francisco bring the Don Perignon and it is chilled how you like it. Sunset on Rosario Beach is always lovely here. As a man when you meet the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with, the one that you want to watch all of your sunsets with, being sweet comes naturally my dear in both the good times and the bad.

Sharon: You always have made it easy, I remember thinking how amazing you smelled and with the soft summer breeze blowing its heady effects were multiplied. Your beautiful brown eyes were so warm and inviting and I felt myself getting lost within them.

Elias: Innocence and beauty go hand and hand my dear. It makes one savor the flavor all the more I remember thinking the same with you. You smelled of roses and your blue eyes were delicate, I wanted to dive into the waters of your soul at that moment and explore your depths in great detail. I felt like I had discovered the taste of what love was like at that moment,

Sharon: The very first time your lips touched mine, it felt like the first time, it was like my soul knew yours and had forever and when you took my hand in yours and asked me my favorite color and what music I liked, I’d never had someone care enough to ask,

Elias: I love the candles that Francisco added around the bed. I remember that you said 60s folk music and I did my best to sing all the song’s I knew. The bonfire on the beach was a lovely way to have a first date, even if it was with all of our friends. Remember the guitar? I still have it an old traveler, it’s gotten beat up over the last five years, but it still carries a pretty tune, just like you my dear, you do know the pathways to a man’s heart. I brought the music, I think a little frank Sinatra “Girl from Ipanema” will be appropriate, leaning down and taking you in my arms shall we slow dance to the sunset? Let the light dip into the cool waters of the pacific, I know I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be then with you at this moment at this place, watching the stars rise and your lips inviting me for the first kiss, how did you plan all of this without me knowing

Sharon: My love you’re always full of surprises. You spoil me and make me feel like a treasured gift. You make me want to give you everything I have, and so much more. I hope you always look at me the way you do now. You’re my reason to smile the laughter in my heart and you’re all mine.

Elias: (Smiling) It took a bit to pull off (laughing) it worked right? Shh…First dance and a kiss are mine. I always think of honey when I kiss you. I love how you close your eyes when my lips touch yours. The expectation is always the same right down to when the shiver runs through you.

Sharon: Do you have any idea how much I adore you? The way I feel is bigger than the heavens. You have made me complete and yet you always give me so much encouragement, “Do you remember the first time you held me in the water? I was so nervous and you my love, were the calm in my storm, my heart was beating so fast and at the time I thought it was because I was scared , but it was you always you.

Elias: The first swim I remember chasing you down the beach when you undid my bathing suit you vixen, when I caught you and kissed you and held you, even after you kept laughing and beating on my back, even after I had to grab my suit and hold it up so I didn’t give the neighbors a show.

Sharon: You want to know a secret? I was kind of disappointed, I was hoping you would continue, by that point, I didn’t care all I could think was please don’t stop, please never stop, but I was still too shy to tell you un-like now (she said with desire in her eyes).I can tell you anything, ask for what I want knowing you’ll always say yes

Elias: (Pulling the canopy closed on the bed) come here (Patting the soft spot next to me), the sun has set and the stars are playing above us. I want to be close and enjoy the moment. Opening the champagne and pouring two glasses, pulling your hair back and pulling you in for a deeper kiss.

Sharon: Mmm, you know how that excites me, is that music I hear? Or is it the song I love the most, your beating heart? Please tell me what I long to hear, what I can never get enough of. I wore this red dress, just for you, “Do you like the slit in it? The way it caresses my silky skin?

Elias: I love you, the dress is gorgeous …Running my fingers up the slit and watching that smile, a small shiver runs up your leg. Now drink up and smile, five years is a time to celebrate fully wrapping my arms around you and kissing you hungrily, letting my tongue part your lips even as my hands start to explore. Pushing you back into the bed and watching your arms lay across the top of your head, letting my mouth glide along your neck even as your breath starts to come in small gasps, I do know what it does to you my dear, letting my hands explore, even as I watch your eyes glow brightly and your hunger rising as does mine.,

Sharon: I’m so happy I chose this dress, no bra needed, as my hardening nipples are calling out for your moist mouth. My heart rate is picking up even more speed and there you are, taking my breast into your mouth as your other hand feels the weight of the other breast in your warm hand.

Elias: I love tracing my tongue along the small valley between your breasts, the way you hold your breath, as I playfully lick and let my tongue dart teasing the soft skin letting my fingers glide over your breasts.

Sharon: I love when you close your eyes not wanting to miss the sensations. I’m feeling my head fall even further back and my back begins to arch like that of a cat; then I remember how much you love what my hands do, reaching down for your manhood.

Elias: Sliding my hands between your valley between the warmth, I can feel you hungrily exploring fingers reaching down seeking my length pushing forward allowing you freedom even as my fingers glide past the elastic teasing your heat fanning your flames.

Sharon: I move away from your mouth even though it’s almost impossible, but I live to make you happy and my fingers slowly find your zipper and it’s just at that moment, you abruptly stop me with that familiar look in your eyes. I know we are both ready for our long awaited journey together. I love listening to the soft moans escaping your lip.

Elias: I stand letting the pants drop sliding on top. I pull your dress up and slide your panties down, leaning in I kiss you, even as you wrap your arms around me, guiding me in, it feels like warm silk bliss I never grow tired of it. Kissing you hard, as I move with you and the ocean’s waves, setting the pace that is soft and delicate, Frank playing in the background its perfect.

Sharon: Nobody does it like Frank and you my love, are the reason why romantic songs and dreams were created. I will never get enough of you as long as I live, so now, please take me I am all yours.

Elias: Grabbing your hands, riding harder with each crash of the waves, you look in my eyes deep, letting my hips buck with your rhythm, guiding me as your legs wrap around my back arching moans climbing as do mine. I love you arching into the release with you even as a loud crash of the waves greets our bliss. Thank you for five years, I cannot think of anything more beautiful….The End:)