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12719347_1764831820405700_6664147576059764039_oCraig Lowe grew up with a wild imagination and an ability to tell stories from an early age. His desire to write began with childhood comics and an attempt to write a novel about a hedgehog travelling through underground tunnels with his friends.

As he moved into his teens and his mind wandered into new genres he developed a liking for writing darker stories involving war and the occult, something that still interests him to date. It was after reading a piece of erotica by a friend plus his own very dirty mind that he turned to erotica writing beginning with short stories for girlfriends.

Now his dream is to write shorts and novella from various forms of erotica. Everything he produces is something that peaks his own sexual interest and you will never find a book by him that he hasn’t got a little excited over. So whether you want girl on guy or guy on guy, thrillers to paranormal, you will find a wide selection in his various releases.

Craig's Cover

The Farm: Cole Book cover


Farm is a training ground outside Estherville, Iowa run by Master Xander. Men and women are sent or go willingly to be trained.

The first short in the series called “Cole” Is the story of Cole trying to become a student of Master Xander in order to move away from being a Dom into the life of a full time master.

Like all stories there needs to be a beginning and “Cole” is just that. Read how he moves into the new world and prepare yourself for his future.


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11902459_10153586658664549_8863288171560151640_nHidden Demon

This book is the beginning of a new and exciting series, by hot, steamy and always panty melting author #CraigLowe.

After a lengthy period of absence, he was finally returning to the Criminal Investigation Department or CID. He’d been brutally attacked by Doug Crowe the killer Jerry had been pursuing.
There were changes within the department and now a new killer was in town or has Doug Crowe returned?

This new killer was Jerry’s first case back on the job and would change his life forever.

This book is the beginning of a new and exciting series, by Craig Lowe. You’ll want to read this first novella.


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The Blackmailing Neighbour 11888089_10153586657729549_7213507633158240840_n

When Craig comes home from work one night while his wife is away with work he is surprised to find a note asking him to visit his neighbour Jack.

He soon finds out that Jack has information his wife may like to know and the blackmailing of Craig begins. Jack doesn’t want money though. He wants Craig.


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11880599_10153586656554549_2703191119422442793_nThe Neighbours Property

(The Blackmailing Neighbour Book2)

The Sequel to ‘The blackmailing Neighbour’ continues to tell the story of Craig and Jack and how Jack’s control over Craig grows resulting in more hot encounters.

If you enjoyed the first then this one is not to be missed. Keep your eyes open for the final instalment coming out in the future.

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SCOTT’S REVENGE Book cover (1)

Scott has lived his own life in the cottage at the bottom of his father’s estate for some time now. Following his father’s recent marriage, Scott is left in the company of his new stepmother who sees Scott as a waste of space living on Daddy’s money.

When her daughter comes to live with them after her University course ends, Scott is moved out of the cottage, his home, and into one of the bedrooms in the main house.

Angered by being forced out of his home he plans revenge against his stepmother through his new sister. Will he gain his revenge or will the innocence of his stepsister make him rethink his intentions?

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