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Meet Daily Hollow

received_1727066297530573Daily Hollow is an erotic romance writer residing in the Carolinas. He is married, has a young son, three dogs, two rats, and two cats. He has had antho’s published in the Tie Me Up and My Kinky Valentine anthologies. His recently released story, Eve’s Daisy, spent a brief moment in Amazon’s top 100 and Amazon UK’s top 20. In addition to Leslie’s Dilemma, Daily’s short story, “A Night of Firsts” (also published with Fireborn) just released in November.

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Daily’s work…


FB_IMG_1454079309744Leslie’s Dilemma:


Leslie Montgomery is a wild woman. She enjoys partying, playing pool, and the occasional anonymous fling. Content with her life, she has absolutely no plans to settle down.

Then, after a night of heavy drinking, Leslie wakes up in bed with the beautiful and mysterious Gretchen. In denial over her attraction to women, Leslie starts seeing Stanley, a handsome man she once had a one-night stand with. When she signs up for an exercise class taught by Gretchen, it becomes increasingly difficult for Leslie to deny her feelings.

Complicating matters, Leslie begins to develop feelings for Stanley. He’s pleasant to be around, funny, and drives a kick-ass car! Stanley had also had his heart broken on a few occasions, at times making Leslie feel guilty.

A comedy of errors arises as she goes on dates with Stanley, while continuing to hang out with Gretchen. She struggles to keep her love interests a secret from her friends.

Leslie must make a decision between the easy-going, hardworking man who adores her and the fascinating woman she has begun to crave. Sexy Stanley or gorgeous Gretchen: who will Leslie choose?


Tie Me Up Anthology FB_IMG_1454079301663


B is for bondage in BDSM, and Tie Me Up is the perfect place to explore just that.

The 19 stories in this anthology do not fetishize bondage. Instead, Tie Me Up shows how couples explore it as a sexy romantic option–sexy underscored!

New and seasoned authors fill this anthology with steamy tales that will keep you tied up…unable to put this collection down!

Stories by

Salome Wilde * Marie Rebelle * Vita Perez * Cheryl Kaye * Monica Corwin * Oleander Plume * Jane Gilbert * Rafaelito Sy * Del Carmen * Daily Hollow * The Vixen * Mercedes Cruz * Nicole wilder * Kaysee Renee Robichaud * Tabitha Kitten * Annabeth Leong * Janie James * V.C. * Tomio Hall-Black


FB_IMG_1454079326208Eve’s Daisy


Daisy Cromwell had it all; a nice house in the Vermont hills, a job she loved, and a girlfriend she adored. Then one day her lover told her she wanted to see someone else.

Then a few days later she was nearly raped before being rescued by a gorgeous mythical creature. Would the creature be able to make her forget about her and Amanda’s love or would the object of her new affection make her forgive Amanda and see her in a different way?


A Night of Firsts51-9kLHYb-L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_


When Jason, a reservist, arrives at Naval Station Norfolk from his deployment in Germany, he runs into Jocelyn, an old shipmate from a previous mobilization. As the days of his of two-week transition pass along, Jason’s attraction for Jocelyn becomes more intense.

When he discovers she feels the same for him, he hopes they’ll have enough time to act on their desires and unleash their passion before he has to leave.