Meet Marcus Monroe


I share with you words from my heart to yours. If my words give you peace, or say the things that you cannot find the words to say, my work is worthwhile.

Marcus is a private man. Yet he loves to share his words with is friends and followers on Facebook. So for Marcus I’d doing things a little different. For you to get to know Marcus like you do with the other authors I introduce you too, I’m going to give you a taste of his work. To read more of Marcus’s work stop by his author’s page. Facebook


I haven’t let anyone get close to me for a long time. Far too many times I have let someone inside, only to have all my hopes and dreams crashed down on the floor and stomped on by the fakes and liars that come into some people’s lives, dragging their bag of broken hearts and their trail of fools behind them. But somehow this one, this woman in my dreams has found a way in. She searched and found a little door somehow. I guess all along I had the strength to let another one in and didn’t even know it. But now she causes me to have feelings I thought may be gone forever.

I think now about that magical first time we would kiss, and I have this feeling inside that it would be like no other kiss I have ever experienced. I imagine the taste of her sweet lips, and the feeling of holding her body close to mine. I think of looking into her beautiful eyes and feeling like I would be seeing every next day for the rest of my life. It would be nothing but her in my heart after that. I will have been taken in by her magic spell. She truly has sneaked inside of me and made a home inside a very special place in my heart.

I dream at night now of what it would be like when we would make love, becoming a sharing of both our hearts together. Becoming one, and nothing else in the world would exist except the two of us. I know in my heart that it would take me to places I had never felt before. It would be like I belonged inside of her, and she would open up and take me inside with so much love and passion.

I find myself these days thinking of what I can do every day to make her happy and to see her smile. Every time I see her picture and I look into her eyes it warms my heart. When I talk to her, I tell her things I would have never told anyone in the past. With her I let a little more go every day. All my fears, all my misgivings about finding a love that was meant for me seem to be fading away into that beautiful smile I see and the forever I see in her eyes.

She has come along and started healing every broken part of me. She gives me the care and kindness I never thought I would find again. She gives it all to me in an unconditional way that I will never take for granted. I will spend every day making sure she knows I appreciate her and all she does. I will spend every day making sure she smiles.

Marcus Monroe – March 20, 2016

Come close and feel me my lovely one
Let me touch and kiss you for a while
Pull that lovely body into mine and hold you
Sense that need that I know you have inside

I want to kiss every sweet place on your body
Bring you pleasures you’ve never felt before
Cause you to bite your lip as you feel the joy
Bring the heat inside of you to a raging boil

Laying there in front of me like you are right now
Your body so ready and your eyes looking so right
Wanting to be taken and to give yourself completely
That ache of yours reaching way down inside

I want to feel every inch of your perfect body
Learn your every line and every sweet curve
Seek out those secret places you’ve never told anyone about
Know every part so I can love you with my eyes closed

Open those legs wide my baby girl
Let me inside and lets play this night time game
Show me all the tasty goodness you’ve got to give
Let me fulfill all your fantasies tonight

Pleasure awaits your every desire my love
Come let me show you all there is to enjoy
Take a trip with me to the land of desire
I’ll take care of every need you’ve ever had

I want to love you every day and every night
Give you everything you’ve ever fantasized
Take your breath away with all the pleasure I bring
And make you mine tonight and for all time

Marcus Monroe – March 19, 2016

I can never seem to find words when I look at you
The beauty of you always overtaking me completely
Never believing I could feel this kind of love again
Failing to trust any promises, waiting for the floor to fall
Too afraid to let anyone into this scratched up heart of mine

You come to me and show me what being loved can do
Giving me everything I have ever wanted and more
Asking for nothing but to lift me up to walk tall again
Always bringing a beautiful smile to my quiet mornings
Making me want to be a better man both for you and for myself

Of all the gifts you could have given to me
The gift of your love is one I will cherish forever
Unconditional in every way, nothing ever expected in return
And yet if you were to take a blade and cut open my chest
You would see your name etched on the center of my heart

You give of yourself to me without any fear
Your love always saving me from all that brings me down
Keeping me safe in my world, even from my own destruction
And each day that I see you smile and I kiss your lips
You take a little bit more of my heart every time

Marcus Monroe – March 19, 2016