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received_719798781482574A.J. Storm is an avid reader of BDSM, erotic paranormal romance, and lover of vampire and werewolf books. She currently lives in the Midwestern part of the United States with her husband of 39 years. She plays twelve string guitar and wrote love songs for her husband when they were dating.

She loves all animals, domesticated and wild. Extremely passionate about wolves and their habitat, the number one item on her Bucket List is to be able to physically interact with a wolf face to fur.

Her love of reading encouraged her to write her own daydreams down on paper and develop them into stories. When not reading, writing, or taking care of her husband, she spends time with her six grandchildren and two grown children.

AJ has published five books with Bitten Press LLC. The first was Emily’s Passion. It was written to encourage women of a certain age to discover and believe desire and sexuality are still viable traits to their make-up. It also touches on breast cancer and the effects it can have on a woman and her frame of mind. These traits are still available to the mature woman and breast cancer survivor and Emily’s Passion proves it.

Dark Strangers was AJ’s second book. It deals with the age old war between vampires and werewolves. AJ jumps right in the middle of the dilemma striving to close the gap between the two species. Two sexy alphas, who are best friends, lead the way into uncharted territory…one a female vampire and the other a male wolf shifter. True love finds them in the midst of chaos, deception, and evil.

Alexander’s Story is the second book in the Dark Strangers Trilogy and continues the saga of two paranormal species. This book delves into the cause of the rift between them and uses her hero to bring about the change needed. Of course, nothing is ever easy and evil has a way of staying one step ahead of good. Alexander’s Story not only provides a means to an end, but new beginnings. Our hero finds HOT sex and true love in the process.

AJ’s final book of the trilogy, The Power of Two, wraps up the story of our two families completing their goals, heartaches, and successes through generations to come.

An erotic murder mystery, set in the heart of New Orleans, was released October 1, 2015. Fortune’s Eyes is the story of a young woman who seeks sanctuary in the home of her aunt, but is immersed in the darker side of NOLA. Friended by a sexy homicide detective, they search the city for the serial killer who is targeting fortune tellers.
AJ is currently working on a sequel to Fortune’s Eyes.

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received_735158316613287Fortune’s Eyes

Leena Price came to New Orleans for sanctuary, and to the arms of the family who had ever shown her any love.

She’d been born with a special gift. One that could open the brightest doors or the darkest hells…

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When she stood, a wave of dizziness hit her head. Staggering slightly, she grabbed the back of her chair for support.

“I’m afraid the wine wasn’t as light as you thought. I’m definitely a little bit tipsy.”

“Not a problem. Here, simply lean on me and thread your arm through mine. I’ll get you safely down the hall.”

“That’s awfully nice of you. Thank you.” For some crazy reason, she was feeling a bit silly and very trusting of him. They joked and laughed while making their way to the FB_IMG_1451533162131locked door.

Her body dragged a bit but she wasn’t worried, since he was perfectly navigating her to the room. There was a keypad on the wall and she tried to focus on the set of numbers he punched in. She heard a buzz, and then the door popped open.

It opened into a large, plush room with velvet wall coverings the color of her emerald green eyes. Her vision slowly blurred while staring at a huge, silver Z sitting in the middle of the room. She leaned further into his arms.

Her words slurred. “I’m not feeling so hot. I need to go home now.”
The last thing she heard was, “No worries…I’ve got you.”


received_745997095529409Emily’s Passion

Think your love life is over after 55? Not on your life!!!
Traveling the world on his Harley made Alan content. He was free of relationships and all of the drama attached. That is, until he met Emily. The Dom in him knew she was submissive, and he wanted to Master her.

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“He arched an eyebrow and rubbed his thumb softly over my bottom lip. His eyes twinkled with mischief as he turned my body back to face the open door. Bending his head down close to my ear he whispered “Close your eyes, little girl!”

“Alan, I thought you wanted my answer?” I argued.

“I already have your answer, baby. Now, close your eyes and give me control for a little while,” he demanded.

I closed my eyes as he ran his hands up and down my arms. His light touch thrilled my senses. I listened as his voice calmed me and his breathing became faster. “My eyes are closed as well, little girl. I am going to use my fingers to touch and see your face, your body, and peer into your soul,” he teased.

“You just tensed up on me, Emily! You need to trust me and let go of everything that is holding you back from me. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. I won’t go anywhere you don’t want me to go.” A shiver ran through my upper body and Alan chuckled.

“That’s right; feel me seeing into your soul. Let my voice take you where you need to go and let my lips caress and taste you.” A small moan escaped my throat as I fought to hold it back. I heard a deeper, gruffer moan reply to mine as he traced his lips over the nape of my neck while he brushed my hair to the side.

“Have I told you how much I love your hair? It’s long and feels like silk. The silver catches the light just right as if giving you a glow. I can’t wait to see it splayed across my chest.”As he continued to lick and kiss the back of my neck, his hands and arms slowly came around to the front of my shirt slipping the shoulders down my arms.

“Mmm, let me do this, baby. Let me see your beautiful face and body. You know by now I would never hurt you. You’ve got to know you have me totally wrapped up in you!” He slid my shirt off my arms past my hands and let it fall to the floor. His fingers trailed over my bare shoulders and arms all the while his lips nibbled my ear lobes._20150802_185017

I was leaning back against him breathing heavily as he ravaged my neck and shoulders. My moaning became more frequent and louder encouraging him to go further. He drew his fingers tracing over my forehead down to my eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth.

“Your face is beautiful when I touch you…more so than when I just look at you. You shiver and moan when I touch every beautiful part of you. And my God, Emily, I can smell your desire for me. Fuck, you smell so good! I bet you are wet, baby. I can’t wait to taste you,” he teased. My knees almost gave out on me as Alan held me closer, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Have I made you hot?”he whispered by my ear. “Just so you know, I am burning for you right now. Can you feel how hard I am for you?” pressing his rigid cock into my ass and grinding against it. He placed his hands and slowly started to lift the hem of my tank top up my chest preparing to take it over my head. Once again I could tell he felt my body stiffen when he stopped pulling on my top.

“If you tell me no, Emily, I will stop. I have to tell you though, I want to trace those sexy scars with my fingers and then with my tongue. I want all of you! I want to feel and taste your courage and what makes you the strong beautiful woman that you are.”My body eased as he continued to kiss and rub his lips over my shoulders.

“It’s okay, Alan, go ahead. Just please, go slow and let me breathe through it,”I begged. “I’ll let you breathe, baby. We will breathe together as one while we move in tandem to our bodies’rhythm.

The Dark Strangers Trilogy:



Dark Strangers (Book 1 in the Dark Strangers Trilogy)

received_1620850041487326Tammy Malkov is a beautiful dark haired, sassy, kickass vampire who never follows rules. Her friends are werewolves with a few humans thrown in much to the dismay of the Vampire Council. Derek Adolphus is the alpha male of the shifters and is Tammy’s best friend. He’s so devoted to his pack, Tammy worries this dark and brooding dominant will remain alone never finding true love.

Tammy’s longtime friend Jennifer is a soft spoken, sexy, human with flowing red hair and emerald green eyes. She arranges an impromptu meeting between the two believing they’re meant for each other.

Vampire Ethan Volek is blonde, hot, and a motorcycle riding rebel. His father leads the Vampire Council and sends his son to spy on the Malkov family. However, his rebel days are about to change when his eyes behold a curvy, dark haired vampire named Tammy.

The Malkov and Aldolphus families have had a solid friendship for over a century. That friendship is going to be tested. Will both families survive the conflicts which constantly bombard them? Or will they stand strong working together for a common goal?

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Alexander’s Story (Book 2 in the Dark Strangers Trilogy)

Tall, dark, and with eyes that pierce through the soul, he looks just like any other top business executive in a three piece suit. He could bring the world to its knees but chooses to fight for what’s just. He is vampire…and he is looking for love.

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The Power of Two (Book 3 in the Dark Strangers Trilogy)received_1620526934852970

Alec was the spitting image of his father. Someday he would take over as alpha and his body was already preparing for it. His wolf was hunting for a mate and when Mandy walked into the picture, he could barely keep the beast contained.

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“His finger trekked down across her forehead and on to her nose. He loved her small nose and let his finger stop long enough to make small circles on the tip. He then continued on to her lips. Such yielding and pliable lips made his loins twitch. He brushed back and forth across the seam, and she opened and sucked his finger into her mouth. He heard a tiny moan as she wrapped her tongue around his finger. A low growl answered her moan. Her tongue released his finger, letting him continue his exploration of her body. It was wet, trailing over the delicate chin to the slope of her throat and down where her silky brown hair fell between her cleavage.

“Mmm…what’s under all this beautiful hair?” His finger brushed across the top of her breasts, pushing the hair out of the way. Two perky pink nipples stood proudly above soft pliable globes begging to be touched. A deep, sensuous chuckle came from his throat as his finger drew circles around each pebbled tip. Her back arched toward his body when his finger continued down, gently lifting each globe as if preparing to taste. However, his wayward finger resumed its journey to her tummy, drawing big rings around her belly button. He made sure he hit all her ticklish spots, wanting to witness her muscles twitch and jump at his touch.

“Alec, you are driving me fucking crazy.”

“Good. I don’t intend to stop.” After teasing her tummy unmercifully, he gently drew a line down to the top of her naked mound where he refused to move and slowly tapped nonstop. When it appeared she couldn’t take any more, his hand gently grabbed her entire pussy and held it. “My prize…my woman…MINE.”