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Debbie has always been an avid reader, but writing never occurred to her. That was until an illness gave her the time and inspiration needed to begin her journey in words. After writing down a few chapters of a story that had whispered into her head, she gave it to a few friends to read. The rest became her first book, The Kiss Me Chronicles.

Debbie freely credits her stories to her muses, the characters themselves. They occupy her thoughts and dreams, presenting her with their narratives on their lives and loves. On occasion, she has tried to put her own take on their story, only to be quickly corrected by the true authors.

Debbie has traveled extensively and has a deep love of American history. Her novels are often based on historical events as well as places she has visited. She is also an amateur genealogist, having traced her own family roots.

Debbie currently has six published books with many more in various stages of production, including a tetralogy of ‘what or where is your safe place.’ She is also branching out of the romance/historical romance genre to include a teenage appropriate story based on Dorothy’s(The Wizard of Oz) great-granddaughter, Dee, and her shoes. Hopefully, Dee won’t leave Debbie in some far off time or place.

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#DebbieZello has a book for everyone! There are historic romances to witch hunts waiting for you to grab them and enjoy and remember it’s always nice to leave a review. Like her page to stay up to date on her and she has a mini story there too.

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Romancing Broadway

Romancing Broadway is filled with strong women, romantic men, travel and humor. If you enjoy reading those things, you will find them in this book. Romancing Broadway has a duel ending. You will have the opportunity to pick for yourself as both are in the book.

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Barnes & Noble


The Middle of My Bridge

Bestselling romance author, Grace Lilith Watts, is caught in the middle, between her past and future. Unable to move forward and powerless to change what was, she goes from lover to lover.

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Barnes & Noble


Shadow of Him

Shadows of Him takes the love story of Alexzander Blackburn and Aisling Coutier from the present into the past. Zan, as he calls himself, is bewitched by a Salem sorcerer, and forced to travel through time.

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Barnes & Noble

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Elizabet Under the back staircase 

Elizabet learned early on in her life, to know her place in her world. As an illegitimate child of the wealthy owner of the house and his cook, she had to learn how to have one foot on the front stairs and one on the back

Barnes & Noble / Amazon US / Amazon UK

The Viscount’s Vices: The Love Story of Brook and William

Brook is a flight attendent and William is a professional photographer when they meet. With fun and interesting circumstances, they fall in love. For Williams Love is told through Brook’s eyes and takes their romance through their courtship to meeting William’s family in England.

Barnes & Noble / Amazon US / Amazon UK

Raising Ren and Cowboys: Sequel to The Viscount’s Vices William and Brooks Love Story

Raising Ren is the sequel to The Viscount’s Vices. The story begins with the childhood of Allison and her twin Amy. With the death of their parents, the two girls are separated, with Allison going to England to live with her maternal aunt.

Barnes & Noble / Amazon US / Amazon UK

Love’s Labyrinthine: Five Stories about Love’s Twists and Turns

In Love’s Labyrinthine, author Debbie Zello presents a collection of stories that explore the theme of love from many angles and situations.

Barnes & Noble / Amazon US / Amazon UK

The Kiss Me Chronicles: Four Short Stories about Love

Exploring the excitement of budding relationships and the wonder of falling in love, author Debbie Zello presents four short stories of romance in The Kiss Me Chronicles.

Barnes & Noble / Amazon US / Amazon UK

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