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The Rise of the PhoenixExcerpt

Cast out by his own family after a wolf’s bite infects him, a young thirteen-year-old boy is forced to roam the streets and fend for himself. In a world of Humans and Others, he belongs to neither. No longer considered Human, but nor a purebred Other, a race of powerful supernatural beings, he will be unwanted and hunted by both.

Danger lurks at every turn. Young, vulnerable and afraid, he tries to come to terms with the physical changes taking place in him while at the same time trying to find a way to survive.
In a menacing world filled with threats and hate, is there any hope of salvation for this orphaned fledgling?

Please note, this is a Society Short.

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Rise begins at the worst possible time in a young boys like. The day of his mother’s funeral. This story is told from that boy’s POV,and he’s only thirteen (13) years old.

A lonely 13 yr old boy who’s just lost everything he’s ever know due to two events not of his making. One he is bitten the other a car accident. As he becomes something he was never meant to be and loses his mother shortly there after. Or rather in the same day.

While this story is the young boys story it goes deeper, then that. Rise is about prejudice and how folks deal with diversity. Mason does a wonderful job creating the diversity and prejudice in Rise. He created a world of Human’s and Others. Neither group as a whole gets along, with the other. In fact the “Other’s” are on the out skirts of town, living in the woods or close to them, and they don’t seem to venture into the towns.

Now I’m sure you can imagine what would happened to a Human who got bitten in this world Mason has created. The closest thing I can think of would be what mixed raced American children had to deal with growing up in the South before we had equality. So we have this young Human boy, who’s been bitten and has become an outcast. He’s not accepted by his family, Humans nor the Others.

So take this journey and let Mason’s guide you through his Society!


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