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Shade of Dark Moon Book 2….. Awaken the Hunters
Damian J Clark

Continue with H.M. Wolf as he discovers more truths, his and theirs.

The real hunt begins as he tires of playing this game on others terms, and he unleashes the true beast that is known only as Wolf.


Hi, my name is Damian J Clark and I am currently a native of Springfield Missouri.  I was born in Pennsylvania in 1975.  I grew up among the United States Marine Corps and spent most of my formative years in a place called 29 Palms California.  I grew up and life happened.  I am currently involved in studies within the medical field and writing books.

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Wraith Leader Book 2… The Awakened Archives
JS Underdown

“Gabriel,” I called above the crackle of the nearby flames. “A master vampire is coming with two other powerful ones, I think he is this group’s leader.”

He nodded his head in understanding as he checked the chamber of his revolver. All the bullets had been fired so he instead pulled out a black semi-automatic pistol. Holding the sword in his right hand, he leveled the pistol in his left and fired off two rounds. Almost in unison, the sound of a rifle from behind us cracked through the air and the damage the bullets caused was clearly visible.

12735572_1555266681455633_1179964457_nJarrod Underdown was born in California but moved back and forth to Missouri over the years. He received his degree in Criminal Justice and makes a living as a facilitator. He makes his home in the Ozarks with his wife, Rosanna and their two children, John and Grace.

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