So I’m on Day 18 and for today I’m going to tell you my favorite color and why.

My favorite color is blue. Now it hasn’t always been blue, when I was a kid I liked pink, and like some girls I had a pink room. But in between high school and college I got sick of pink and blue started became my color of choice.

I could give you a generic answer like I like the color blue because I’m a Pisces and blue is the color associated with water. And while I do like water, that’s not the reason.

To me blue is smoothing. I’m drawn to it. Over the last two years, red, started doing the same thing. However, when I choose between the two I always choose blue. I guess the best way to explain this is to show you.

2015-11-21 17.40.25








There are days when I feel exactly like this painting, the dueling creative parts of me. Sometimes the fiery side wins out an in those times I kill off a character or two. Other times I let the blue smooth me and work the issues out. Granted there are times when the fiery side blazes so hot there is blue as well so I have balance both. For the most part the color blue does seem to balance my soul.