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About Riley

I developed a love of writing in grade school when I was encouraged by a teacher during a writing assignment.  (Any teachers out there, know you can and do make a huge difference in your student’s lives)  Ever since I have had a love of writing.  While I have been writing all my life, it is only recently that I have taken the steps to publish.

I have a love for fantasy, paranormal and science fiction that comes out in my writing, and I have projects in all of these genres, some erotic, some not.  My writing grows out of my mind as I contemplate the world through ideas.  This writing style enables me to dabble in many different settings and dynamics, and also different formats.  While I mostly write fiction, I have been known to pen a poem or two, some of which I’ve posted in different events I’ve attended.

Outside of writing I have many interests including movies, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, logic problems, computer programming, camping, cooking, stargazing and Disney.

I have two wonderful boys that I love that take up my time when not writing.  I also am attending school to get my degree while working in the IT field as a support desk technician.

Riley Bryant Author