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12401950_1546292159028270_175743450619357551_oThe Futanari Apocalypse Series
Demon’s Embrace: Futanari Apocalypse Book1 (May 2015)

World War II is over and New York City is crawling with sexy futanari she-demons. Bad girl Demon hunter Veronica Hudson has her hands (and mouth, and everything else) full as she catches her prey through seduction. In this historical paranormal tale of erotica, Veronica goes through one smoking hot sex-soaked encounter after another! But she may have more than she can handle when she goes after a powerful demoness who’s packing a little something extra. Okay, maybe not so little!


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12466266_1546292145694938_6931256725857453104_oAngel’s Kiss: Futanari Apocalypse Book 2 (June 2015)


Demon hunter Veronica Hudson is in big trouble. She has a nasty, sexy demon to kill but she’s been injured badly. Lucky for her, fallen archangel Sariel is here to help her heal, and by heal, that means lots of outrageous futanari sex. When Eleanor gets involved, too, and the sparks (and the juices) fly! They form a romantic sexual polyamorous triad no one saw coming, all the more powerful for its surprising intensity. 
Could independent bad girl Veronica actually be… falling in love? 
With TWO people? 
Veronica goes in guns blazing for round two with the futanari demon Xezbeth in a fluid-flinging sexual bloodbath you have to read to believe. 
Veronica makes an unholy bargain and she’ll never be the same! But will it ruin everything with Sariel and Eleanor? 
Is the world worth saving if you don’t have love?


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The Octogirl Series

In The Arms Of Love: Futanari Loves Octogirl 1 (June 2015)12402092_1546292149028271_7365175019013310865_o


Jaelyn James, a reluctant futanari, is exiled to a New England island reservation by her own country and makes an incredible find: Liana, an injured octogirl mermaid, washes up on the beach. When Jaelyn discovers her and tries to help her, a forbidden and lust-soaked love grows between them. The romance between the futanari and the octogirl is both touching and crazy hot. Liana knows what to do with her tentacles and she loves Jaelyn’s futanari anatomy! 
But Jaelyn has to keep Liana a secret from the authorities, including a jealous, dominating futanari doctor who wants Jaelyn for herself. She calls Jaelyn in to submit to her medical “testing.” Can their love survive vicious jealousy and a brutal dystopian authority? Who can she trust and who will betray her? You never know where love is going to come from… or how strong it will be. 
Warning: reading this book will make you wish you were a futanari. It will make you wish octogirls were real.



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Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0102ZN3Q0

12471392_1546292202361599_46888049395416039_oSong Of The Siren Futanari Loves Octogirl 2 (Oct 2015)


When Jaelyn James, a reluctant futanari, found injured octomaid Liana on the beach and rescued her, she had no idea how deeply she’d fall in love. But because the island reservation she was sent to is practically a prison, Jaelyn had to keep Liana’s existence a secret from the authorities. The strain pushed them to the breaking point. 
Liana is already a fugitive from her own octopeople from the depths of the sea. Their only other choice is to become fugitives from the dystopian laws the futanari are forced to live by. They’re trapped. 
Betrayed and attacked on two fronts, Liana is forced to reveal her powers. Even so, she has to make a breathtaking sacrifice, which may not be enough to save them. 
Jaelyn and Liana are now fighting for more than a fleeting chance at love and happiness. They’re fighting for their lives. 
This book contains sexual situations and violence is only for persons of legal adult age.



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Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B016NM2ZFQ

Donut Slut!: Ariana’s Cream-Filled Magical Sex Adventure (Lesbian Splosh 1293030_1546292839028202_7246411327349799076_oMagical Fantasies) (Jul 2015)


Super pop star Ariana Venti decides to be rude to a donut shop owner and pays the price when she rings the magical bell on the counter. She just doesn’t know it, yet, but the wish she inadvertently made is about to “cum” true in the wildest possible way. As she’s riding in her pink stretch Escalade, the donut talks to her! More than that, the donut wants to do things with her. Naughty things! Messy things! Compelled by the magic of her wish, Ariana has the most unbelievable time of her life getting it on with a magical donut! You won’t believe what happens in this story. Things get hot, heavy, and messy as Ariana gets all her donut holes filled with cream frosting on her journey to becoming a donut slut!

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12418780_1546292782361541_2641038451832020759_oRough Ride: 3 Erotic Tales (Aug 2015)


Rough hands. Hair-pulling. Spanking. Being manhandled. Used. Practically ruined. Sound like your idea of a fantasy? Follow along with these 3 erotic tales from Bryce Calderwood, a master of dark and brutal erotica. 
Rough Ride – Young war widow Rachel gets a ride back to her house from a chiseled hottie new to the area so she can pick up her dessert for the local potluck. When Brent’s truck gets a flat, the July heat isn’t the only thing that’s sizzling! 
Moving Experience – Cassandra’s husband is away at their new home settling in while she’s wrapping up the move from their old house. When the hunky moving crew discovers her adult toy, a change comes over Cassandra. A very naughty change. 
Gloryhole Goddess – Clara is a local legend… except nobody knows it. Only her and the mysterious man who arranges everything for her when the mood strikes. When that happens, Carla becomes the anonymous goddess. She receives her worshipers all night through a hole in the wall in a transformative, ecstatic experience.

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Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B013OIE1ZO

Enthralled: Futanari Vampires Book 1 (Aug 2015)12473584_1546292189028267_83400467906183843_o


“Other vampire stories are tame by comparison.” 

The only way to love a monster… is to become one yourself
Ashlyn’s life changes forever one night in a New York City back alley. Just before dawn she stumbles across a grievously wounded vampire. Ashlyn overhears the attackers reveal they’re trying to kill her because she’s a futanari.
She makes the fateful decision to help the beautiful redhead. Ever since science made it possible, Ashlyn wanted to be a futa. They’re despised and persecuted by society, so when she sees one in trouble, she feels compelled to help. Gathering up the wounded vampire in her arms, she hurries home to her nearby apartment, sparing the girl from being burned to ash by the rising sun. 
Vampires need blood, and futanari vampires need sex… lots of sex. Ashlyn enters into a Master/submissive relationship with the beautiful but wounded vampire, Musette Vaillancourt, becoming her “pet.” Ashlyn becomes a human predator, seducing victims and bringing them home for her injured lover to drink their blood. 
But that’s only the beginning. Ashlyn enters into a life beyond her wildest dreams. She gets what she’s always wanted… and so much more. All sexual fantasies fulfilled. All secret, dark impulses acted upon. Nothing is forbidden to the immortal undead. The rules and laws of mortals don’t matter to them. They are lions among the sheep. 
But Musette’s former vampire master finds out her pet is still alive. Ashlyn can barely contain her jealousy as they are reunited. The appearance of Musette’s master brings a dangerous threat, however: the vampire coven Musette’s master belongs to. 
Ashlyn finds herself fighting both for her life and her love with Musette… and not everything may survive.

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Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B012YC2RPM

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B012YC2RPM

2016newAbout Bryce

Bryce Calderwood writes strange, dark, and beautiful erotic romance and erotica. That take you places you never thought you would go. Places of raw badassery, insatiable desire, uncontrollable lust. Dominance and submission. Spanking. Knock-down, drag-out rough sex.  Girls with tentacles. Vampires. Sex & violence. Secret fantasies you’d never admit to. Dark desires. Exploring the boundaries between the human and the monstrous.

You may feel reluctant, at first, but you’ll be enjoying it too much to really fight it, and then, before you know it, you won’t believe what you just read.

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