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Mr.12003274_1597463023852470_2168454307854397095_n and Mrs. Average Joe (Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe #1)

Can sex really get better with age? For Joe and Elaine, an average couple married a long time,
the answer is definitely yes! After thirty years together they begin experimenting with others and discover a whole new world of pleasure. An unexpected three-way leaves them curious and wanting more. When Elaine suggests a search for playmates, they meet John and his sexy Asian
wife, Mika. Sparks ignite from the start for the women and two lucky husbands get to come along for the ride. Things get hotter with each visit and as fantasies are fulfilled, the couples become much more than just friends, proving that age is just a number.

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Nothing Gray About Fifty (Mr. and Mrs.
Average Joe #2) 12003959_1598490510416388_6066847028064023924_n

Just how close can two happily married couples become? Joe and Elaine, along with their “friends with benefits,” Mika and John, return for the second helping of “Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe.” Away from the bedroom, the four souls share mutual pleasures while discovering new and exciting passions. Another fantasy is fulfilled when a night out results in a sexy surprise reunion with a very special friend. But things really heat up as the couples begin celebrating birthdays together. Age is just a number but hitting the half century mark has never been hotter than this.



12087623_1603634299902009_1174910824_nAlong For the Ride (Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe #3)

While celebrating a year of incredible fun together, Elaine proposes a new challenge for Joe and their friends, Mika and John. Each gets to choose an activity they’re passionate about and the other three must come along for the ride. How far out of your comfort zone would you go for your friends? Later, when a financial crisis threatens to postpone a much anticipated birthday party, the four lovers face a tough decision. Will their string of celebrating special milestones be broken? And what happens when Joe and Elaine are tempted by masked strangers at a sizzling Halloween Ball? Find out in Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe’s sexiest adventure yet!


Life’s To Short 11893881_1610935205838585_2495131226167265003_o

Besties Elaine and Mika writing a book? About orgasms?! You just know the research will be fun. When Mika asks her friend to diffuse a difficult situation at Christmas, will Elaine help or add more fuel to the flames? Sexy trivia games, a hot Skype session and a wild casino night are just a few of the new adventures this time around. Oh, and Joe takes his best friend fishing. The fun loving couples from Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe return with a new attitude: LIFE’S TOO SHORT!!!

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12208039_1609927842605988_1587655423_nAbout J.F. Silver

“The most adorable middle-aged couple you can possibly imagine are actually secret smut peddlers.” HUH? That’s what lifestyle website nerve.com, wrote about us last year. Okay, here’s where the lines between fact and fiction get a little blurry. How does a fifty-something grandfather become a published erotica author? Well, a few years ago, for my wife’s birthday I decided to give her something special. So, I wrote an erotic story, a sexy fantasy about us. She loved it and was truly inspired. Immediately, she suggested I write a second story, one about ‘us’ meeting another couple. But, she also offered the idea of using our middle names, yup, Joe and Elaine, instead of our real ones. The “Average Joe” title was hers, too. To this day, she feeds me ideas for wild and new sexual scenarios. In a field where most authors and by far, most readers are female, she also helps me keep the stories, “women friendly.” She truly is my ‘muse’ and I honestly couldn’t or wouldn’t do this without her. We just finished our fourth book, “Life’s Too Short,” and it’s definitely the hottest one yet! We’ve been married 38 years and are living proof that it really does get better with age.

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