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What better way to celebrate the release of Ethan’s Shapeshifter: Scorpion than a big partyroom for him and his other male author buddies to talk all about themselves and share their work, thoughts, and future plans. This is the 4th installment of his Desires of Blood series. He has made this one quite a bit longer than the others in the series.

Feb. 13th @ 8 pm EST Time!

Come join Ethan Radcliff, Elias Raven, Al Daltrey, Don Abdul, Chris Genovese, and David Scott for an event like you’ve never been to before. To celebrate Ethan Radcliff’s new release of Shapeshifter: Scorpion, Desires of Blood-Book 4, these 6 hot, male, alpha or dominant men are going to do a takeover. However, they will all be together in one room.

They will answer questions about themselves, tell us what they’re working on now, share teasers, poems, and excerpts, and chat along with their friends and fans. We will have structure so it is not a free-for-all. This way you can get to know more about some of your favorite authors or be enticed to check out a few new ones. Don’t worry, the final phase we will cut lose a bit too!

Ethan Radcliff’s Release Day Male Bro-Fest Takeover