Since I don’t practice ageism, or any form of discrimination, I had to tackle this topic a different way. I was talking to my husband about it in fact, and he suggested I look at aspects of my life.

In doing this I can see where there is one area where I could be an ageist and that’s with driving. This isn’t just for older folks its younger ones too. I hate drivers, but it seems teens and older folks drive me nuts. Why because they drive slow or crazy? Either of which cause accidents. Its sad but I’m glad I don’t live anywhere near my nephews as they learn to drive. On the flip side I’m ecstatic my 96 almost 97-year-old grandmother doesn’t drive. I love her to death but the woman scares me as is, I can’t imagine what it would be like with her behind the wheel. Granted she’s never driven so that maybe a good thing, as well.

Don’t get me wrong teens and senior citizens are not the only bad drivers, there are a lot of bad drivers. So while I don’t see myself as an ageist, I think this could be considered a form of it.

Overall I don’t agree with any discrimination, which is why I normally say I just don’t like people, that is until I get to know them.