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This is an interesting topic, and I can’t say that just one person fascinates me. I think most author are fascinated by many people way else would we write about our stories. While yes it’s normally an idea that sparks out creative juices, someone was there to give us the idea.

So in general all author fascinate me. We all write in different way even when the topicFB_IMG_1452123121235 is the same. Events in our lives make all of us fascinating, whether we’re writers or not. Take my husband for instance, he fascinates me daily, why because of his job for one and because the man makes me laugh even when I’m pissed at him. Trust me that’s huge, I have a bad temper and he knows every button to push to piss me off.

My friends fascinate me. Hell my family fascinates which is why I write about family history in a weird kind of way. But none of these answers actually answer this challenge.

I guess the person that most fascinates me is no longer with us. He passed when I was ten so I never really got to know him. My grandfather, lived an interesting life and I wish I would’ve gotten to know him through adult eyes. From everything I know of him he was a kind and gentle man, yet I know he could get spun up.

He lived through the depression, fought in WWII, was the vice president of something in a company, picked up hitch hikers, loved trains, animals and his family. I think he went to almost every sports event for my brothers, he’d teach us earth science, as a game, while we waited for dinner on Christmas. He’d go to the zoo weekly to see a gorilla.

So yeah the person you fascinates me the most is someone I only get to know through conversations with family and pictures.