Sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday for day 2. There maybe a few days I miss but I will do 30 days. So it’s day 2 and I have to write about my earliest memory.

My earliest memory is actually a scary one. I was at my aunt’s house and one of my cousins was watching me. The house was in town but on the outskirts so there weren’t that many houses around an she had a bit of land. I was about two and a half. My cousin was inside the house and I was outside playing with my doll in a stroller. Mind you I was using my stroller and this was in the early ’80s.

The house was up on a hill and the distance between the porch (which I was playing on) and the driveway was twenty feet.

I decided to push my “baby” around the porch and was going to take her onto the side-walk by pushing her off the porch. Now I was on a concrete porch, I had to go down one concrete step to get to the sidewalk. Needless to say I missed the step as I pushed the stroller off the porch and landed face first on the sidewalk. The stroller made it so I hit my forehead.

I of course screamed, freaked out my cousin who came an pick me up as blood is gushing out of my head. She laid me on the couch put a wet rag on my head and started making phone calls. Thank goodness for the long cord. It turns out the fire department knew the house because of the twenty-foot drop to the driveway and they thought I’d falling off the porch on that side.

My parents met me at the hospital right before they started putting stitches in my head.

The next time I was at my aunt’s house I say “I think you need to clean  my blood off.”