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JD Grayson has just released his latest book, Marriage Therapy: A Dom, a Sub, a Cuckold & a Mistress. This latest book is the conclusion to his ever popular, Marriage Therapy: A Dom, a Sub & a Cuckold, and for a limited time both books are on sale for 99 cents each! So whether this is your first time on Dr. Stone’s couch or you are simply coming back for more, head on over and pick up your copy today!

Marriage Therapy 2:

A Dom, a Sub, a Cuckold & a Mistress Length: 34,000 words Dr. Marriage Therapy 2Stone starts to question his role in the Hale’s home. Demanding an answer, Lori Hale pressures the therapist to commit to a lasting relationship. Reverting back to stubborn pride, Tyler Hale is eager to see their marital experiment come to an end. With things on hold, a strong-willed female enters Dr. Stone’s therapy office. In need of desperate help, Jane Jones seeks guidance. Unable to land the right man, she puts her fate in the therapist’s hands. To the doctor’s surprise, they just may be able to help each other. Warning: This 34,000 word story contains graphic language, erotic situations, oral sex, straight sex, anal sex, ménage, spanking, exhibition, DP, orgy, domination, submission, humiliation, BDSM, cuckold, cream pies, female and male submission, strap-on play, erotic romance and is a story for adults (18+)

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