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51OcWS9VjyL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Fear wasn’t a fleeting emotion for Lucy Abrams. It was something she felt every day of her life. The night she almost drowned was seared into her memory, marking the beginning of her problem with anxiety. Her oceanfront home and the crashing of waves against the shoreline served as an ever-present reminder of her past. Until the day she saw someone on the beach whose very presence calmed her.

Ellis Sullivan was a recent law school graduate, spending the summer with his best friends at his family’s beach house in Ray Point. It was their last chance to have fun together before they entered the workforce. Summer was supposed to be full of days on the sand and parties at night, but that changed the day he first saw Lucy. She walked into his life and rendered him speechless. He knew he’d never be the same.

A relationship between the two was unexpected, but their connection was strong. Not everyone thought they should be together, though. Lucy’s ex-boyfriend, Gabe, wasn’t ready to give up on a future with her. After all, he was the one who saved her life.

Love and trust came together to help Lucy find the peace within that she had searched for since that terrible night. Only with the right person by her side was she able to move on, beyond the fear that had ruled her life for far too long. The person who made her feel like she was floating.

*This book contains explicit language and sexual content. It is meant for readers 18 and over.


Floating, was not what I’d been expecting. While yes there is sexual content the book isn’t all about sex. In fact the story is really about Lucy and her struggle with anxiety and fear. Her fear and anxiety stem from her near drowning, years before.

As Lucy takes baby steps to regain the life she used to have before the fear and anxiety took hold, she makes a connection with Ellis without knowing anything about him. Or even his name.

Not only does Lucy have to work through her fear and anxiety of the ocean she also has to sort out her feeling for the two men in her life. With one man, Gabe, wanting the return of the relationship they had until the near drowning. And who doesn’t understand that whenever Lucy sees him all she can think about is the night she almost drown even though he was her savor.

On the other hand, she has this butting relationship with Ellis who can help her fight and overcome her fear and anxiety. And little by little with Ellis’s help and understanding Lucy does conquer her fear and anxiety.

She proves how strong a woman she is and that with the love and support of friends and family you can do anything you set your mind to do. It’s truly an inspiring read.

So overall I really enjoyed Floating the only issue I had was that for me it was a bit slow moving. I’ve had this issue before with a few authors I really enjoy. Take Jim Butcher for instance, I love his Dresden series but I couldn’t get into book 1 because it was slow. However, listening to the book is awesome. So for me I think Floating would be the same. I think if I could’ve listened to the book I wouldn’t be telling you it was slow.

That being said its a story I think everyone should take a look at. Michelle, writes a very compelling character with issues that many people face and she makes the reader feel every bit of the fear and anxiety Lucy has.

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Michelle Dare is a Jersey girl living over the border in Pennsylvania. She started out as a reader, then became a book blogger. She loves the book community and thought she’d try her hand at writing. She writes 10372567_357846204415313_7431524075647708291_nromance.
She is a married mom with two wonderful children and a German Shepherd that she considers her third child. She is a lover of books, music, and movies. Her favorite band is Maroon 5 and has too many favorite movies to list. Paranormal romance is her favorite genre to read.

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