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Introducing Damian Clark


Hi, my name is Damian J Clark and I am currently a native of Springfield Missouri.  I was born in Pennsylvania in 1975.  I grew up among the United States Marine Corps and spent most of my formative years in a place called 29 Palms California.  I grew up and life happened.  I am currently involved in studies within the medical field and writing books.



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Synopsis for Shade of Dark Moon:

Conflict between Vampires and Werewolves has become agitated by the disappearance of a Shaman’s grandson, and a Vampire’s new toy.11987140_180068528991272_320832997024451758_n

H.M Wolf had no idea any of this existed in his life of undercover CIA operations, but when an accident in the mountains of the Northwestern United
States leaves him bound to the essence of the Shaman, he finds out fast.

Unfortunately, Wolf already has a powerful essence with another purpose asleep within him. The primal nature of the wolf and the dark urges of a Shade quickly become more than any man can handle, but he isn’t just a man.

Now Wolf is in a world of Supernatural powers and Immortals who know more about the world than he does and everyone has an agenda.