This week I’m introducing JS Underdown to you. He’s our first author to showcase. So lets get to know JS Underdown

Author Bio:
Jarrod Underdown was born in California but moved back and forth to Missouri over the years. He received his degree in Criminal Justice and makes a living as a facilitator. Jarrod makes his home in the Ozarks with his wife, Rosanna and their two children, John and Grace.

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Military Brat. Student. Athlete. Officer. Murderer. Government Assassin. And now Private Detective. All the roles I have played in my life like an actor on stage. Even my name, Gabriel McBane, is another fictional character.

As my vitality begins to dwindle, is the world done with me? With old enemies returning and choices made coming back to haunt me, something I never expected arises from below to show that evil still lurks in our darkest dreams. Having just a shadow of understanding, can I confront the beast and show that even immortals should fear the hunter in the night?

Fiction, Action & Adventure, Mystery & Detective, Supernatural, Paranormal, Vampire, Shape Changers

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Wraith Leader (4th quarter 2015)

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Later this month I’ll post the Excerpt of Shadow of Understanding, so be on the lookout for more from JS Underdown.