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A/awakening is book two in Ava’s Tabu Series. Book 1 and 2 are novella’s so if you read fast and don’t have a crazy schedule you can read them in a day. I will warn you these are erotica so there is strong sexual content, i.e. at least with A/awakening there is BDSM.

IMG_4847Author Emma Sparks lived the ideal life, she had two beautiful children and a husband that adored her, but something was missing. When she meets Markus, a Dominat, her world changes as he helps her learn more about his lifestyle, Emma had no idea she would learn more about herself in the process and as her relationship with Markus changes into something more, she cannot deny her dark desires. Emma tires desperately to keep her secret hidden as she lives a double life, knowing she is not the same person she was just a few months ago. Markus wants to own Emma, body and soul, but she is afraid to lose herself and give up all control to him. While Markus continues to seduce her mind, it’s her heart that will betray her, and with her sudden awakening, Emma must choose which life she is willing to sacrifice.


Ava has a way with writing emotionally charged erotica. Not that all of us authors don’t write emotionally charged characters. We do, the difference is how Ava goes about it. Now I’ve read a few erotica’s but never one like this. And I’ve read a few BDSM’s again not like this one.

Why is that? The BDSM’s I’ve read always have either the female lead single and wanting to learn about the life or a couple learning it together. Ava says screw that and has Emma married to Daniel and her Dom is Markus. Now all BDSM’s are emotional it comes with learning that side of you. Now if Emma would have explained her wants and desires this story would have been very different.

Ava really did put Emma through the ringer, and it was worth it. I think she was able learn what she wanted and that we all change as we get older. Ava proves that sometimes what you think you want may not always be what you need. And sometimes what you thought you needed is not really what you should have chosen.

To learn all the lessons Emma must learn check out Ava Bell’s A/awakening.




 About Ava Bell

Ava Bell was born and raised in Oklahoma where she resides with her husband, two children and three dogs. Ava discovered the world of indie authors about four years ago where she fell in love with so many of their books, she has always had a passion for reading and in high school she wrote several short stories but never shared them with anyone. Two years ago Ava decided to sit down and write a story that’s been evolving in her head  for many years, Miles From Home, her first novel. When not writing, Ava is a full-time nurse, she also  enjoys cooking, traveling and a good Margarita by the pool with her family. Some of her favorite authors are: Stephen King, Caroline Kepnes, C J. Roberts, Cassia Leo and Colleen Hoover, Ava has been fortunate enough to have met most of those on her list.

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