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Fair warning some of you may not like this post, but I’m going to write this anyway.

Sex, drugs and alcohol are three vices the US has issues with. I’m not sure if it’s truly because of our Puritan forefathers or if we really don’t trust our citizens. In some respects I want to say that somewhere along the line we just stopped trusting “the people” why because lets face it our forefathers had sex at young ages because they got married (at least the women) at a younger age. Many of the men we consider hero’s because they brought about our independence used drugs. Drugs that are considered illegal today. Like Europe children tried alcohol as it was one of only a few things people could drink.

So why have we tightened the reins on our citizens. Between traveling at a young age and now living in Europe, our out dated believes on sex, drugs and alcohol baffle me. I wonder if the states would have as many issues if we were more open minded. For instance, my parents never hid alcohol in fact they said I could try any drink as long as I was home. After taking a few sips of there different drinks I never had a taste for alcohol, until well after my twenty-first birthday. Well I did go out to a few high school parties where alcohol was I never wanted to drink. Why, because it didn’t interest me. If I could try and or drink at home I didn’t need to drink at a party. There just wasn’t a draw for me. Now would ever kid have that thought process, maybe not. But my younger brother got told the same and he didn’t start drinking until after he was in college. So why don’t we step out of the past and into the future and follow Europe’s lead. My guess because we still hold onto the past and can’t follow countries more enlightened.

The same can be said of sex. From the majority of countries I’ve been in sex isn’t a big deal. The human form is beautiful and there’s no reason to freak when you see breast, penis’s or vagina’s. We all have sex organs. Instead of telling everyone sex is wrong talk about it. If it’s not taboo maybe we wouldn’t have so many young kids having babies because they feel like they can’t talk to their parents. My mom always said I could talk to her about sex. When the day came that I thought I might want to have it I told her and she put me on the pill. I didn’t go out and have sex but after being on the pill I knew I was “safe”. I know this is a strange concept, but sometimes teens just need answer and support. Just because they want protection it doesn’t mean their going to go out and have sex. The more open you are the more trustworthy kids will be. Again not all kids will react the way I did but they could. Why not change things up, and remember if we were living during our forefathers time you’re 13 year old could be married off already to someone a lot older. Now I’m not saying marry them off but talk and open up about life. If it’s not all shiny and its more everyday many may not experiment and if they do (we all know how hormones are) the likelihood of them using protection could be greater.

Drugs. I’ve never done anything not prescribed but that’s me. With that said I really haven’t seen as much issues here in Europe as I see in the states. That could be where I live or it could be how many European countries deal with drugs. Again if you’re more open and make things legal people won’t necessarily want it. And as I said before many of our founding fathers did drugs most would be illegal by our standards today.

So why am I writing this. Mainly because since starting my author Facebook page I see a lot of authors, & photographers are getting reported for sexual content. Pictures showing either a sexual act or body parts. Why people want to report instead of ignoring what they see is beyond me but some people can’t deal with what others post on their walls or in private groups. So in 2015 why is sex, drugs and alcohol still a big deal with the US when other countries we are allied with are so far ahead of us in there open mindedness. They may have issues but these aren’t one of them. In fact overall they are pretty healthy where as we have so many obese citizens. Granted they walk more, and eat healthier but I wonder if being more open about sex, drugs and alcohol also play a role in their health.

What’s your thought?