What do you guys think of pen names? I understand why authors choose to have them. A lot of us write in many different genres, and some of our readers my not agree with one or more of the genres they do not read. I get that. Right now I don’t see a point in me writing under a pen but I’m beginning to wonder if after this contract when I finish the other book I’m working will I want too.

Before I would’ve said no, its all going under my name, but now that a few of the others I read/listen too have pen names I’m starting to change my mind. I’m already skirting the line on what I’m sure some of my family will love being the paranormal. The book not in the series is more romance with a kick. I know my 96 year old grandma won’t be happy with the romance but I haven’t followed her path in some time. With that said she still runs the family. (Sometimes I think she’s more Italian then my grandpa was)

Anyway what do you guys think? Do you like authors having pen names for the different genres they write in or do you prefer when they use the same name in all their writing?