Afternoon Ladies and Gents, as you may have notices I haven’t written many reviews lately. I’ve been crazy busy as I finished the latest round of edits on Legacy and started back on book two in the series. However that hasn’t stopped me from reading it’s just stopped me from writing reviews.

I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of books lately. As many of you know a few of my favorite series have come to an end and because of that I’ve been reading/finding other authors to enjoy. I’ve already listed most of the authors on my Author’s I Enjoy page but I wanted to chat about the series for a bit. And also let you know that I’ll be adding reviews shortly. Bear with me though I’m still catching up on my reading even though I am doing a lot of it.

Donna Augustine’s Karma Series – I haven’t finished the series yet (I haven’t read Fated) but both Karma and Jinxed were interesting and made me chuckle which is always a good thing. I would high recommend it. Flyboy has even gotten into to this series.

Samanthe Beck – I’m loving all of her writing.

Mandy Baxter – Her U.S. Marshals Novels are pretty good.

Bailey Cates – Has a quirky Magical Bakery series that make me want to bake. I really wish she’d come out with a cookbook of all the food items she talks about.

Tessa Bailey – Everything

Katee Robert – Again everything

Alice Clayton – Wallbanger Series

Anita Clenney – The Relic Seeker

Jay Crownover – Everything

Nina Croft – Also Everything

Dannika Dark – Seven Years Series

Darynda Jones – Charlie Davidson Series

Elle Kennedy – After Hours Series

Tawna Fenske – Front & Center Series

Jenny Holiday – 49th Floor Series

Kylie Scott – Stage Dive Series

and there’s many more. I’ll try and get something posted soon I promise. I want you guys to hopefully fall in love with these authors too.