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Good afternoon guys,

I’m just dropping in to give you the wickedly awesome news I have a new contract with a three book deal. I can’t give you all the details but I’m working on book 2. So life is getting a little nuts here as I work to finish book 2 & start book 3 along with content edits that will be coming.

Even with my crazy schedule I’ve been reading, mostly at night when Flyboy is sleeping. I’ve come across some good stuff… Check out Tessa Bailey’s Crossing the Line Series, however if you haven’t read her Line of Duty Series I would start with that first. Crossing the line is a cross over series so there are characters from Line of Duty series in it. Another author to check out is Tawna Fenske and her Front & Center Series. And last but not least Donna Augustine’s Karma Series.

Now if I could only have all their books on audio live would be so much simpler.