So I came to my decision on which Hard Ink couple I want to vote for. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I went back and read my review of Hard to Let Go and made my choice. I really hate that this series has to end I wish we could see where the ending of Hard to Let Go would take the Hard Ink family. If I could vote to have all the couples have a wedding that we could read about I would (in a heartbeat). Their all family and it would be cool to see what each couple would choose. Who would be the maid-of-honor for who and/or best man, what flowers each would pick, who would go big & who would go small. Yes I know that all kinda girly but there is craziness that goes with it. Also it would be cool to see how each man proposed.

Who will walk who down the aisle. We know or at least are pretty sure Charlie would walk Becca. Would Emilie ask her mom or one of her male relatives? Would Kat ask Nick or Jer or possibly both? Then there’s Sara & Jenna, who would they ask? They don’t have anyone but each other and I’m sure each one would have the other as their maid-of-honor. Learning all of it as we also see how the family moves forward would be a treat. But alas we only get one couple.

So who to choose…who to choose. After reading my opening paragraph you may think I choose Beckett and Kat. I do love their story and it’s one of my favorites however I did not go with their wedding. (I really want too though) I have to go with my other favorite couple the one thatstarted it all. Nick &Becca. If it wasn’t for these two meeting and falling in love the other couples would never have met, the team would not have gotten back together and their shit straightened out. Charlie could be dead. And none of them would have found the HEA. So with that being said I formally invite you to vote for Nick & Becca.

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