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I know it’s been summer for a few weeks now. I’ve been crazy busy with the overused words I have to edit. I’m finally down to 1 major word I need to change and a few others that I’m changing the action on more so then the words. Granted I’ll be changing the action for this word as well as I did for the one I finished Wednesday. Along with my crazy edits I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with the spouses & squadron – parties and what not for our fellow members who are moving to new places.

I’ve also been reading in fact I just finished my ARC copy of Hard to Let Go by Laura Kaye. My review will come out June 26th so be on the lookout. Those of you who like/love the Hard Ink series will love this installment. This is the last installment for the main guys @ Hard Ink, however this fall Hard As Steel a novella and installment 4.5 will be released. That story is a tie into the Ravens which I’m guessing may become Laura’s next series.

Another thing I’ve been doing a lot of is re-listening to a lot of my favorite authors. Flyboy and I are still working on Molly Harper’s Jane Jameson Series, I’ve gone through Katee Robert’s Come Undone Series, and I’m working on Tessa Bailey’s Line of Duty Series. In August I’ll start on Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink once all the books except Hard As Steel will be released on audio. Of course I’d love to listen to other series by these authors and some of the others I really enjoy be there not all out in audio which really sucks. Anymore I listen to audiobooks all the time more so then music since I use music when I’m writing and editing. The audio’s are great for walking Jax & Holly and even my three day a week run schedule. So if you guys can think of a good audio I should check out let me know I’m always in need.