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Good Afternoon guys!

I’m in my office eating, and I was thinking about author street teams. I’ve been debating creating one. Flyboy and some of our really close friends have been working with me on a name. I think I have it narrowed down but I’m still not sure if I want to go there. A few of my favorite authors have them while others don’t. So as I sit here listening to Dark Night of The Soul by Philip Wesley I’m contemplating which way I should go.

The name we came up with is Crumps Cronies at least it’s what I like the best. But even though I have a name picked out I’m still on the fence on which way to go. In some aspects I can see how having a group of fans help market an author is beneficial, however there are crazy fans out there.

Granted I’m a member of a few street teams for those authors I love to read, and I do post info on up coming releases and reviews (when I have time to do them) to help promote those authors. Then again I do that for all the authors I’m reading or can’t wait to read their latest. If you follow my twitter feed you’ll have seen this as I’m relistening to Molly Harper’s Jane Jamison series with Flyboy, since here latest Half Moon Hollows spin-off just came out. I’m also relistening to Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series as Asa‘s book comes out next week. Last week I read and posted my review yesterday for Laura Kaye’s latest in her Hard Ink series. Two of the three authors I just spoke of have street teams, but I try to promote all of them.

With editing and trying to get Legacy finished so you guys will have it this year it can be difficult to read and promote. One reason I listen to books.

So are street teams worth it? What are you’re thoughts?