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So Flyboy & I are on a road trip this week. Whenever we take road trips whether in the States or here in Europe we always pick a book or series to listen to. Normally its an author we both like, sometimes its one he’s wanting me to get into while others its one I want him to get into.

When we headed to Germany in Feb/Mar we listened to the first 2 books in Anita Clenney’s A Relic Seekers series, & S. J. Harper’s Fallen Siren Series (we didn’t finish that series yet). However lately since our last trip to Italy we’ve been relistening to Molly Harper’s Jane Jamison/Half Moon Hollow Series. We love this quirky series thats set in Southern Kentucky close to the Ohio River.

Yes the fact that its in Kentucky & close to one of the places I call home is a bonus. But the best part is all the giggle worthy dialog. Right now we’re on book 3 and its still as funny as it was the first time we listened to it.