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That is the question of my day. I have editing to do and last week I worked on it but not like I had been. Flyboy and I took the trip up to see NPM as I said we would at the end of Feb. So on the drive I was able to work some. Over that weekend I worked a little but we were there to visit and see Germany & Holland. Therefore I didn’t work as much as I would have granted it was the weekend and I normally don’t work on those. Last Monday however when I would be working we were in Brussels. I edited on the car ride over but not while in the city. Tuesday I did a little work on the drive home, between sleep and driving for Flyboy myself. Wednesday I took off as it was my birthday and I wanted to have a lazy day. I did a little on Thursday and Friday and then we had the weekend again.

Now it’s Monday and no one wants to work on Monday but it must be done. I need/want to have all these edits completed so I can move on to book 2 and also work on another project. I don’t know if other authors feel this way but sometime I wish I had someone that could work on stuff like over used words so I could work on other things. And let me tell you the English language sucks. I know it’s my language but we have too many words that we use that mean different things. For example, seem, like, look, pull, watch, just to name a few. We also have too many words that mean exactly the same thing, i.e. walk, step, stood. It makes me want to beat my head against the wall. Which out here would be really, really bad since it’s a cinder block wall.

I’m hoping today isn’t my only work day this week, our house hold goods should arrive and we’ll finally have our own furniture. Maybe that will get me motivated.