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After finally getting out of the Military apartment Flyboy and I are in our new place. That’s not to say we have all of our belongings because we don’t. So settling in is taking longer than I’d like. However, I’m still able to work so that’s a plus. Once we have the apartment set up I’ll have an awesome office (granted I need a desk first). While Papa is not Paris I can still see why so many authors loved living abroad to write. Even with the snow and rain I’m loving living here. I feel like I’m in my element. If Flyboy would be up to it I’d love to have a house somewhere in Europe that we could live in half of the year, since we’ll retire to Austin (TX) when its time for him to retire. Yeah I know that sounds bad that I’m saying when he decides but let face it I can work just about anywhere as both a writer and paralegal.

Any how, since we have “settled in” we are taking our first trip this weekend. It’s not a big trip but we do get to see family and after two and a half years I can’t wait. We’re gong to see NPM and while visiting we’re also going to a USO tour. Flyboy & NPM’s cousin is part of a USO comedy tour, Four Day Weekend, so we’re all going to go see a show.

On a different note, as you guys know I’ve been a part of PBD (paperback dolls) for a few years now and if you’ve been over to the site in the past few months you may have notices that we haven’t been doing much. The dolls have all been extremely busy and like me they haven’t had the opportunity to write reviews as we once did. With that said be on the look out as we start to revamp & relaunch the PDB. I’m not going to spill the beans on what we are doing but I do want you to be aware the Dolls will be returning.