Flyboy and I landed yesterday in Vienna to big fluffy snow flurries. It’s been years since I’ve seen flurries that big as so much snow. It took a few hours to get to our final destination but we are here and getting processed into our new community. The community is small at least for a city. It reminds me of the old part of Lewisville where Flyboy and I grew up. If you add in the surrounding suburbs it may equal Lewisville as a whole.

It’s sunny today but a little cold at 37 with snow covering the ground. It’s nice though, you can make really good snowballs. It reminds me of time when I was in Cincy as a kid and played in the snow with my brothers and sister. Granted my brothers would pick on my sister & me as they dropped us in snow drifts and threw snowballs at us, but is was a fun time. It’s what Christmas was all about back then.

Now I can use the snow here to help smooth out Legacy when I talk about it, because lets face it snow in the south is nothing like snow in Boston or here. When you don’t see and feel it that often its hard to remember what it was like.

Enjoy your day and I’ll post some pictures soon.