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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Flyboy & I traveled home to see family and friends in Dallas. Now we’re back home and get to prep for the movers to come pack up the house in 10 days.

Tomorrow will be our last New Years Eve on the house and with some of the best neighbors we’ve had. If you’re like us here in Charleston we’ll be setting off fireworks so please be care.

As Flyboy and I try to finished everything we need to for our move (we are not ready for this) Helio-Flyboy  goes off on his own adventure as well. I must say as much as I worry about Flyboy when he’s out working, I’ll be just as worried for Helio-Flyboy as well.
For this next adventure Flyboy and I will only have Holly & Jax with us so Isaac got to stay back at Grandma’s house. We didn’t want to risk him on the plane ride since he’s over 10 yrs old. I was pretty sad yesterday morning leaving him, but I know he will be taken care of & loved while we’re gone. So for the 1st time in years we only have two monsters with us. I’m not sure any of us know what to do with that. Its nice and a little less stressful but I know that’s not going to last. For the next month or so our lives are going to be stressful. Hopefully I’ll get some writing done.

And that brings me to our next bit of (hopefully stress relief) after tomorrow I will officially be a full time writer at least until we move back to the States. While Flyboy & I travel around Europe  (he will bw working) I’ll be writing and getting inspiration from the different places we visit. I can’t wait.

Well its time to get back to the stress of prepping the house.

Have a fun and safe New Years and we’ll see you in 2015.