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On September 9, Kim Harrison released the final Hollows book The Witch with No Name. After thirteen books we see Rachel’s journey come to an end. While I can’t/won’t give out spoilers I will say you will love this book. It might be my favorite, even though it is the end. I couldn’t stop listening even though I wanted too. I didn’t want this to be the end, but like all good things it had too. Rachel, Jenks, Ivy and Trent did everything they could do. The Hollows has came full circle, all of our favorite characters have grown into the people they were always supposed to be.

I will miss Rachel, Jenks, Ivy, Trent and Al but I will always be able to go back and read/listen to their tale, and trust me I will, because in the end their tale is about finding yourself and finding love and happiness. It’s taken ten years, a lot of heartache and many beating. It’s amazing Rachel is still alive but that is why we love her. She’s always had staying power, and a bit 😉 of stubbornness. The Witch with No Name is no different. Rachel will do whatever she has too to save her friends, family and the city she loves. I can’t blame her, I’d do the same.

The Witch with No Name is action pact from the get go. It starts with Rachel, Ivy and Jenks out on a run. Something we haven’t seen in a while. However things aren’t as they seem and even when Rachel has down time, which she really doesn’t, the story is go go go. Rachel has a lot of self doubt in this story, similar to Dead Witch Walking. However, when she figures out what she wants she moves heaven and earth to take it and keep it, and it was awesome to see Rachel doing something for herself. Unfortunately I can’t/won’t tell you my favorite scenes because they will give to much away, and trust me it is killing me not to talk about them with you.

So if you haven’t read the series go read it, if you haven’t ordered or bought The Witch with No Name go out and buy it. Stop what you’re reading/listening me and read the last installment of the Hollows.

Until next time, have a wickedly awesome weekend.