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I didn’t think it was possible for Abbi Glines to create a character I would like, much less love, as much as I do Rush, but Beau Vincent is right there next to Rush and possibly a little ahead. The Vincent Boys/Brothers story brings you back to the time you had to make hard decisions, from family to love to life altering and whose side to choose. These two books tell the story of Sawyer and Beau Vincent and them growing up together with their best friend Ashton, and her cousin Lana. The books swap back and forth between Beau, Ashton, Sawyer, and Lana. I like the different points of view throughout a story so you can see a wider aspect of what’s going on and see the other characters reactions.  Beau’s loyalty to Sawyer is unwavering and strong that you never question his decisions.  I was not a huge fan of Sawyer at first. He seemed very needy and self conscious instead of caring for others. He made up for it in the end, but didn’t compare to Beau, he was a hit right away. I believe in Ashton’s character a lot because, I think many girls go through what she does in one way or another. She has to make a hard decision that will effect many others than just herself.  Lana is the shy girl that you never really know what is going with her.  Her character is strong in so many ways that even she doesn’t realize it.  Both female characters are strong role models for how they stand up for themselves and care immensely for everyone around them.  Abbi Glines does amazing with each character’s reaction to the obstacles they face, then grow from each situation and become even stronger characters.

A must read from the amazing collections of author Abbi Glines!